5 tips for choosing the right educational app for your kids!

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Nowadays with so many apps options available,it can be very challenging for any parents to choose the right app for their children.The good news is that apps are a promising educational tool that support literacy, math, science and life skills.There is no easy answer. Just like books and toys, the most popular app won’t always be what’s best or most interesting to your preschooler. What Skidos team can offer are some tips to help you as a parent to choose the right app.

  1. Combination of education and entertainment.

A good app is a perfect combination of education and entertainment.Whenever kids are engaged they learn.An Educational app is a balance between entertainment and engagement.As an example we have Milk Hunt School Math Edition.It provides children in grades K-5 (6 years & above) fun and interactive math practice problems and it can be used just like worksheets for regular daily practice,to catch up to grade level or to work on math problem that challenge students beyond their grade level.This edition has been designed specially for usage in classroom environment based on feedback received from teacher around the world.The game is available to download on the app store and google play store.In overall,choose apps that support learning at school!

2.Choose apps that are age appropriate

To support their future and their development,as a parent you have to ensure that children are playing apps that they are well targeted to their age.Parents must know the level of education of their kids.For example: A kid of 3 year old cannot play the game of the 10 years old one simply because he wouldn’t be able to understand and capture the information.In overall parents should select games that are developmentally appropriated for their kids and ensure that the navigation through the app is not too complex.

3.Choose apps that encourage active play,social interaction and creativity

Think of a subject that your child is passionate about and look for an app that supports his/her learning in this whether that is about volcanoes, Tudors, maths,trucks or princesses! You then get your child active. Furthermore exploring and playing together with his friends or parents,teachers encourage social development,creativity and beyond.

4.Know what you are downloading!

It’s important to check reviews often.Try to choose an app that is already beeing used by schools,teachers.Whatever apps you are interested for your child we recommend you to read reviews before downloading it.It actually defines if the app is appropriated for your child or not.

5.Learning outcomes

Choose apps that will support the learning outcomes you require for your child and reinforce what they are learning.For example:Milk Hunt math School Edition offers a weekly report feature: The student is able to track his or her weekly progress.The game helps to identify each students areas of strengths and weaknesses.



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