Let’s celebrate Easter Holidays with Milk Hunt School Math Edition !!

By March 25, 2016 Education, Gamification, News, Parenthood

Easter Weekend is an opportunity for parents to spend times with their Kids,especially having fun and spend some unforgettable moments.

If you are a parent and looking for an activity to do during this period,we recommend you to celebrate this holidays with Milk Hunt.Gaming with children during this period also offers parents countless ways to insert their own teaching moment.Milk Hunt School Edition can be an opportunity to open conversations with your kids. In other words, if you’re trying to get your kids to give you more than monosyllabic answers and grumpy shrugs, try talking to them about the games they love.It’s nice for the child to be able to play with his or her parents and sharing this experience cultivates family bonding, learning and well-being.

As you may know the company has launched Milk hunt school edition on android.It’s offer 3 features:Weekly reports,Practice offline,and add student profile. Milk Hunt is an award winning game which encourages children to practice mental math while being engaged in a classic endless runner challenge. It has been designed to be adaptive and personalized for children to boost math scores and increase their affinity towards math.Kids will love playing milk Hunt during Easter with their parents.Milk Hunt is played by thousands of families with kids in grades K-5 across the globe.

Kids and parents love playing Milk Hunt for:
  1. Practicing mental math in a fun manner rather than boring worksheets
  2. Replacing casual gaming time on the phone with educational gaming time without compromising on the fun factor
  3. Having fun and playing together as a family
  4. Getting additional practice on what is taught in school.

The game is fun but at the same educational.Milk Hunt has a Math Lab section in which kids can choose their grade and topic to practice math. Milk Hunt has an intelligent and adaptive algorithm which tracks the progress of the child and identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses. These can be seen by tapping on the bar graph image in the math lab section. Parents and Teachers can also track the performance of the child over a period of time for each grade.

Parents playing video games with your kids has always a positive impact! Don’t miss this opportunity during Easter break.Kids are kids. They need adults to help them make meaning out of imaginative play, especially when it comes to activities that are steeped in mathematical thinking and challenge.

Happy Easter!!

Skidos Team.

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