Skidos makes coding fun!

By October 13, 2017 Education, Gamification, News

“Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs

It has been 20 years since Steve Jobs said these words, but not enough progress has been made towards it. Coding is only taught in higher educational levels or through special programmes, but not everyone has access to it. So we wonder why are people still resistant to this when there are so many cool benefits:

1.  Learning is easier at a young age. It has been scientifically proven that it is easier for children to learn things than an adult.
2.  Problem solving and analytical thinking. Coding techniques help children to develop critical thinking skills. It teaches them how to break down big tasks into smaller and feasible steps.
3.  Coding is creative. It allows kids to create a whole world on their own and choose what paths and tools they use to create those cool things.
4.  Coding is the future. Programming is one of the fastest growing occupations.

The whole world seems to be moving towards technology, so why shouldn’t kids be prepared for the future? Skidos is joining in on this initiative and is working to offer children an easy and fun way to learn coding. Instead of feeling trapped and bored, with Skidos’ games kids have a lot of fun playing while they learn, and they develop new skills without realizing it.

Stay tuned! New coding games from Skidos are coming out this month!

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