The future of learning in nordic countries

By October 30, 2017 Curiosities, Education

Scandinavia has always been an advocate for modern educational techniques. They have always been in top of the list judged on students’ performance and quality of education. But what makes these countries stand out from the rest?

There are no standard tests in schools, the education is based mainly on teamwork and sharing knowledge, while applying school theory on real life experiences. These could be some of the reasons why scandinavians excel in education and has given the world’s top students and most innovative and creative minds. Since they do not have many natural resources, “brainpower” is the most valued in these countries and governments are investing millions in this direction.

In the last decade schools in nordic countries started using iPads and laptops in classrooms for all lectures, especially in highschools and universities. But the focus is now on how they can use technology for educational purposes for smaller children, and whether it could allow us to create personalized learning experience for each student.

Svenia Busson had the chance to visit 3 schools in Denmark that adopted a modern way of educating its students, and she wrote all about it in a post on her blog. Read more about it here:

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