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8 incredible movies you must watch with your kids during in Coronavirus lockdown

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With parents & kids alike stuck indoors, families are spending lots more together, which
suggests sharing escapist pastime to quell the quarantined boredom of the coronavirus
pandemic lockdown.
Usually, the advice would be to keep kids engrossed in other activities while limiting their
screen time over the course of a day – but then, quarantining to stamp out Covid-19 isn’t
exactly the usual.
So here we go! We have combed through the major streaming libraries curating 8 best
movies to marathon with your kids while in lockdown:

1. Bee Movie (2007) 

Plot: When Barry the bee discovers that the honey harvested from captive bees held in
smoky, shoddy fake hives is sold in supermarkets, he sues the human race.


If the bees stop manufacturing honey & aren’t pollinating means that flowers
& plants won’t continue to blossom &
 grow. If you don’t focus on what you do best then
who will do your part in the world?


2. Charlie and the chocolate factory (2005)

Plot: Charlie, a poor kid wins a golden ticket to a trip to the Wonka Factory. Charlie receives
riches beyond his wildest dreams.


Smile and let stupid people engineer their own demise. It beautifully teaches how
failures come to people due to their lack of manners.

3. A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

Plot: The movie follows the stories of one devoted dog and it’s masters throughout the years
as its mind is reincarnated into a new body every time it passes.


A heart-warming, humorous movie is a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but the
ride will be worth it. It teaches about unconditional love, & the importance to greet every
new adventure – & person – with excitement.

4. Baby’s day out (1994)

Plot: A great one to watch with the little ones. A mischievous baby who lives in a huge
mansion in a suburb of Chicago with his parents is kidnapped by 3 men. After the abduction
they have difficulty controlling him.


Crime doesn’t pay and babies are a bundle of joy

5. Forrest Gump (1994)

Plot: The story depicts several decades in the life of Forrest Gump, played by the legendary
actor, Tom Hanks. Forest is a slow-witted & naïve, but good-hearted & athletically
prodigious, man who at an early age is deemed to have a below-average IQ. The story
revolves around revealing Forest’s talents eventually allows him to receive a football
scholarship & a ticket into the U.S. Army.


The award winning movie teaches every kid to have faith in where life takes you.
It doesn’t matter how others see you, but rather, how you see yourself.

6. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Plot: Two best friends & fellow aviators meet Evelyn, a navy nurse. However, the three of
them later find themselves in the middle of the attack on Pearl Harbour during World War II.


Pearl Harbor is a U.S. naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii, that was attacked by
Japanese forces in December 1941. It is intelligent of parents to acquaint their little ones
with the history of the beginning of World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

7. Pursuit of happYness (2006)

Plot: An American abandoned by his father at a young age vows to always be present for his child. Caught in a perfect storm of bad luck, he becomes homeless. Everything falls apart – his marriage, finances & happiness, but he continues to take care of his son while pursuing a highly competitive, unpaid internship as a stockbroker.


Do your kid a favour & make him watch this masterpiece. Towards the end of
the movie, it teaches Chris Gardner (Will Smith) a lesson that there is an ‘I’ in happIness &
in ‘PURSUIT OF HAPPyNESS’ there is no ‘Y’ in happYness.

8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Plot: A baby abandoned by his father but taken in by a young woman is raised in a nursing
home. He is born with the infirmities of a man in his 80s who grows younger & more
physically robust as he ages. The movie grows on you.


The movie will teach your kid a life lesson to live in the moment & handle life
with bliss. A kid born with deformities is shown acknowledging whatever comes his way.
These are some of the best amongst hundreds of scripts for kids as per the experts at
Skidos. Because kids’ attention span is unsteady, do not marathon watching in rapid

Use the Lockdown to teach your kids interesting ways of treating common diseases

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Children at the age of 3- to 4 have entered the wonderful world of language and imagination that empowers them to explore their world through words, action, & fantasy. It may take some patience and perseverance, & of course, a lot of reminders, but you can teach your kids habits that will help them stay healthy & keep germs at bay.
 “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will help them stay healthy & keep germs at bay”                                                                  –  Albert Einstein
As new incentives, video games, & online learning games are developed every now & then. There are a few hundred options out there. Children might gain cognitive skills from using technology where they once got it from acting out situations in play.
Studies say that imaginative Role Play is a crucial element of early childhood development.
So, here we go. At the time when the world is fighting the pandemic, we teach our kids the quick tips of treating a few common diseases via a learning game – Skidos Doctor Games

1. Treat the flu 

 Kids are generally exposed to new types of viruses each year. Viruses cause mild respiratory illness leaving symptoms like fever, cold and cough, & weakness. In our interactive learning Doctor Game, a kid learns the use of 4 things – the thermometer, cough syrup & tonic, use of clean tissues to blow the nose & bin into the dustbin, nasal spray to open the clogged nose and finally a Throat Spray, an antiseptic that kills infectious airborne viruses

2. Cure Ears 

 We have often heard parents complain about their child getting an ear infection which can cause earaches and trouble in hearing or sleeping. In Skidos’s Doctor Games, your child can choose a character of her choice to role-play with. She can diminish the suffering of the cute animated character by first cleaning its ears with cotton balls & then pouring ear drops in each ear to kill bacteria and fungus. Job done!

3. Take care of teeth

Cavities are one of the most common persistent diseases of childhood in the United States. While your child would resist going to a dentist, it’s ideal to have him play an online doctor game on Skidos that effortlessly shows how the cavities are filled and a crooked tooth is removed by injecting anesthesia into the gums. The game plays with the child’s psychology &promotes a preschooler to brushing her teeth properly twice a day just to avoid painful doctor visits.


4. Get an X-ray 

Broken bones may seem like a normal part of an active childhood. Tiny daredevils
love to kick things & often bring home a swollen lymph. What’s interesting about Skidos Doctor Games is that it displays the state of the injury through a cute character. Your child can visualize & acknowledge the pain of the patient seeing the swelling. She will then treat the character by first examining the bones under an X-ray machine before fixing it & putting a plaster over it to avoid bone movement. Upon completing the task, the game finishes with an applaud.
and putting a plaster o

5. Clean the wounds 

Signs that your child is growing & learning when you see her hands, elbows, and knees bruised. It’s absolutely normal for kids to fall & get hurt. A parent must teach a
child how to sanitize the wound & give basic first aid. The online interactive doctor game teaches a kid to first clean the affected area, spray and antiseptic & apply a band-aid on the wound. & believe it or not, you can even make it fun.