An interactive learning game that effortlessly teaches children to stay hygienic

By June 1, 2020 Skidos

We love to make kids happy with entertaining games, so here is how we can teach 5 basic bathroom and laundry manners to your tots:

  1. Brushing Teeth: To get a kid to brush her teeth is one thing. To put a system in place where consistency is needed? Impossible! Children, no matter how cute, curious, funny they seem, they are also unfortunately unhygienic. Therefore, we have devised a game, KIDS BATH which playfully teaches your kids the sequence in which a child learns how to clean the teeth. 

How it works

The little animated kid is standing in front of the sink and is tossed with dirt. Let’s clean it up step by step

  • Blow the nose 
  • Wipe your face
  • Trim your nails
  • Comb your hair
  • Do not forget to bin the paper towels 
  • Wash your hands with soap 
  • Apply toothpaste on your brush and effectively brush your teeth.
  1. Using a Washing Machine:  Taking care of clothes is one of the features of the BATH GAME which is predominantly designed as a fun engaging game and then integrated with interactive learning content. Your child will become a pro at pouring detergent and softener along with the dirty clothes and operate the machine. 

How it works

  • The kid is standing next to the machine wearing dirty clothes. 
  • He opens the front lid and adds his clothes one-by-one to the machine
  • He then pours the detergent and softener into the machine compartments 
  • Press a button with a ‘water drop’ icon to Fill water, then the ‘t-shirt’ icon to rinse and finally the ‘swirl’ icon to spin it so your laundry soaks dry.
  • The last step is to transfer the clothes into a laundry bag. 
  1. Ironing and Folding Clothes: Washed clothes are to be ironed now but is your child too young to iron them? Uh Ah! Skidos BATH GAME has a role play technique to bring your kids to try to take up the laundry room challenge with ironing garments, folding them neatly and then placing it into the right cabinets.

How it works

  • The animated friend takes out each garment (Denims, Frock, Shorts, t-shirt) from the laundry bag and places it on the ironing board.
  • After ironing all corners of the garment, the champ has to follow the labelled dotted lines to fold each cloth.
  • For t-shirts and dresses, fold the sleeves first and then fold the bottom fold to align with the shoulder edge, square. For Denims and shorts, give it two and single fold respectively.
  • Now sort the clothes and place dresses, Pants, t-shirts in the designated drawers. 
  1. Shower and Bath: Game-based learning is an amazing way to improve performance and knowledge and promote a healthy sense of competition with the self. With a routine practice of the BATH GAME, you will see your kid champion the art of taking a shower with minimum adult supervision. It teaches the use of a foot scrubber, bubble bath, shampoo, towel, dryer. 


How it works

The cute character is in the tub filled with water. 

  • Draw the curtains 
  • Scrub his feet nicely
  • Make him play with water toys while shampooing.
  • Rinse the hair and body properly under the shower.
  • Place the toys back on the shelf 
  • Wipe his body with a towel before he catches cold and blow dry the hair with the dryer.
  • Open the cupboard and scroll it through to put on a dress based on time of the day. 
  1. Going to the loo: Most children begin toilet training between 2 and 3 years of age, but each child will reach this developmental milestone in his or her own time. Remember, games are a great way for your child to have fun while potty training. If you want him to learn to wipe the but neatly, flush positively, and wash her hands after doing the business, this is the game you must subscribe – Skidos BATH

How it works

  • The character is sitting on the pot. 
  • Tickle his tummy to do his business.
  • Clean the bum with the toilet paper at least twice.
  • Flush the potty
  • Choose from a variety of room fresheners to spray so the bathroom smells fresh.
  • Open the tap, rinse his hands, apply soap and lather his hands. 
  • Rinse hands with water, turn off that tap and pat his hands dry with a hand towel. 

Parent, isn’t this sounding fun, already? Play together, talk about activities and learn that there’s nothing scary in keeping yourself tidy! 🙂

Note: If the sequence of activities goes wrong, the animated Girl/Boy/Animal warns you with a gesture, uahn ah 

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