As a Mom, What’s your Animal Spirit?

By September 2, 2015 Curiosities
SKIDOS Kangaroo

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Human nature is related to animal instincts in many more ways that we know.

Shopping in the supermarket, someone’s trying to take advantage in he line, you prepare to protect your space… It’s your right!

Walking on the street, some strange walks too close to you: your adrenaline is ready to make you react, run or avoid any attacks.

The most clear example is when becoming a parent makes you change your perception of the world… Parenthood makes you analyze situations to find the potential dangers for your offspring. The parenting way to approach life changes from person to person.

We want to help you to find your Animal Spirit with this fun quiz. We have studied mothers behavior in the Animal Kingdom. Now you can know what kind of Animal Spirit you have as a Mom!

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