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Yuliya Kindra


40+ Christmas Riddles for Kids 🔔: Fun Holiday Brain Workout

Interesting IQ Christmas Riddles for KidsRiddles are fun questions that are asked to test cleverness. They are confusing questions that need a different approach to get the right answer. Look at a few Christmas riddles for kids :❓ Question 1: Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?Answers: In the Dictionary.❓ Question…
Yuliya Kindra
November 6, 2020

Kindergarten Math Vocabulary: Simple Definition & Image

Kindergarten Math Vocabulary: Simple Definition & Image " Young children explore their world and learn early math concepts but some children have more opportunities for exploration & learning than others. Differences in early math exist in preschool and persist once children start school. " - (Clements & Sarama, 2008)   …
Yuliya Kindra
November 3, 2020