Family Weekend Activities:How to spend time with your Children

By March 4, 2016 Parenthood
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Not sure what to do with your children on the weekends? Don’t worry. We have selected some activities that parents should do with children on the weekends, well when they are free from the usual commitments.

Activities to do the weekends are inexpensive and sometimes free depending on the parents and children preferences, but the main expenses would be on food whenever you are planning to eat out or pay tickets to attend live shows.

When deciding what to do on weekends, it’s essential to stick to a few guidelines:

-Social Interaction

Sometimes as Parents, we have to let the kids talk, play, and have fun with other people rather than with us. That way kids can learn healthy ways to interact, react, and deal with all types of people. For example: Let him/her play with other kids

-Back to nature & fun and funny

Of course looking at activities that are fun to do and funny to watch. But also kids should enjoy and appreciate what the mother nature has given us.

-Educational Activities

A parent should also look at those activities that children can gain from. For example by teaching children while playing you boost their creativity and their leadership.

Below are some activities that parents should do on weekends with their children.

1. Visit friends and relatives

When you meet up with friends or relatives, you always meet over lunch or dinner. Preferably, it’s important to catch up with friends who have children and are in the same age group as your children so they can play with your friend’s children and that will give time for parents to exchange notes and catch up on the latest gossip in town or in the country.

2.Park or playground and shopping 

Park and playground are a good activity when you don’t have any idea. You can just drop by at a park or playground in the neighbourhood. It can be fun too to see the kids run or cycle around. An excellent way to get their butt off the couch. Shopping known as the most favourite activity for mom and kids, it’s always good to have new clothes or books, games in our collections.

3.Road trips

Kids like it because they can explore new, unexplored places. And also they can hunt for popular foods of a particular town. So they learn the history of the town and how people live in that area – live geography lessons. For road trips, you just can’t pack your bags and leave as it requires some research has to be done on places to visit and food to eat.

4.Movies and playing games or computer games.

As much as we want to help keep the movie industry alive, Kids are not crazy over movies. This activity can be done at home or in the cinema. Movies and playing games bring your family together, thereby promoting emotional bonding. That emotional bonding, in turn, opens the door to actual communication. Your children will feel much more inclined to open up to you about what is going on at school or after school or with their friends and, later, their significant others.

Skidos Team wish you a happy Friday and a great weekend ahead!

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