Have online games changed the way schools teach?

Online games are playing major role in children's daily life. Teachers have always been struggling to grab the attention of their students. This is and has always been the biggest challenge in the classroom. Children are overwhelmed with a lot of information flow from all sides. This naturally leads to…
December 28, 2018

Improve your child’s math with SKIDOS

Ever wondered if there were fun ways to improve your child’s math skills? Can there be something beyond the boring old classroom? SKIDOS learning games are your answer. Why choose SKIDOS? SKIDOS games are designed to engage kids with fun characters and interesting levels. These will encourage them to practice…
December 14, 2018

Den rigtige skærmtid for dit barn er vigtig

Debatten om skærmtid for børn startede for nogen tid siden, men det er stadig et vigtigt og aktuelt emne. Tablets og smartphones bliver ofte større diskussionspunkter mellem børn og forældre. Børn ønsker at bruge mere tid foran skærmen, mens forældre søger nye måder at begrænse børns skærmtid og benytter blandt…
August 27, 2018

How can kids learn better and have fun at the same time?

 Kids are born curious. Asking challenging questions and playing with their imagination, they always try to explore the world around them.But what happens when they start school? Why do we try to limit their curiosity and dictate information with traditional methods? Why can’t kids continue learning and playing at the…
August 24, 2018

3 Fun Ways to Improve Your Child’s Math Skills

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on UnsplashPracticing math outside the classroom can be a real challenge —especially for the little ones. Luckily, we’ve got some tips you can use to encourage your child to practice math (without making them feel bored!).1) Make mathematics a part of your everyday lifeWe don’t often notice this, but…
July 27, 2018

Education in Nordic countries in the near future

Scandinavia has always been an advocate for modern educational techniques. Moreover, Nordic countries are at the top of the list judged on students’ performance and quality of education. But what makes these countries stand out from the rest? There are no standardized tests in schools. Education is based mainly on teamwork…
October 30, 2017

Skidos makes coding fun for kids!

“Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve JobsIt has been 20 years since Steve Jobs said these words, but not enough progress has been made towards it. Coding is only taught in higher educational levels or through special programmes, but…
October 13, 2017