Today is kids & family movie night: Up!

By October 9, 2015 Parenthood
SKIDOS Family Time

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It’s Friday! Is there a better plan to do than watch a family movie with your kids? At Skidos, we want to recommend the best kids & family movies to enjoy together.

In nowadays it turns out to be very important to spend quality time in family. Not just to create strong links but also to learn valuable lessons for life.

There are movies that you see with your children and you’ll love they remember them for the rest of their lives. Because they are special, they teach us valuable lessons! Timeless movies that parents and kids can enjoy together and feel the joy of sharing those moments with your loved ones.

Our recommendation for this weekend is…

Now, grab the popcorn and settle in for a magical movie night with the family.

Share with us your impressions about UP!


By Ángela R.

Source: IMDb

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