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Online Educational Games for kids

What are our best online learning games for kids in 2019?

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In this article, we share with you the best online learning games for 2019 published by SKIDOS. Our platform grows every month as we add new games. Some of our users’ favourites online learning games are here:

1. Bike Racing is one of our most popular game available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

One of the most successful games we published last year was BIKE RACING. Kids fell in love with it instantly, and it helped them not only play like a real pro motorcyclist across the most exciting race tracks, but it also assisted in Mathematics and Coding practice.

What makes it so popular amongst kids is the fact that progression is smooth and entertaining. The game has 99 race tracks and the possibility to modify the racer’s gear, outfits and skills. Each level the gameplay becomes slightly harder, but not that hard to make kids give up on the game.

Math puzzles in the game can be adjusted to match the school curriculum and specific mathematics operations such as multiplication, fractions etc. can be chosen

2. Snow Race 

Similar in gameplay to Bike Racing, but the scenes are as cool as the mountain slopes in the game. The gameplay is more straightforward, so it can perfectly match with children between 4 and 10 years old. Here the educational questions are again for math and coding.

3. Bakery Game

Children can learn how to bake a cake with real ingredients. On top of that, the whole “Do It Yourself” scenario provokes their creative thinking, and the fun is guaranteed. In this game, the educational questions are within coding and maths as well, but the gameplay has many voice-overs to help children improve their listening skills and remember the name of the ingredients for baking. Who knows, they may want to help you next time in the kitchen? 

4. ABC Town and Fishing Game


These games help kids to practice spelling and pronunciation of the first 200 english words using phonetics and pictures.  It does include the math puzzles too. The cool thing about both these games is the amazingly cute graphics and the ease of the gameplay. Those two online educational games will match best for kids at the age of 4 and 5 years.

5. Rabbit Rescue and Flower Match 


Coming last but not the least as the best online learning games for kids. One is a very popular bubble shooter game which kids love and the other is based on a match 3 puzzle gameplay popularly seen in games like Candy Crush. 

Here the fun is to rescue cute Rabbits from being stuck in balloons and kids can advance in their trajectory by shooting to the sides and learning about angles. Best for kids from 6 to 11+ years age group. 

Now is the time that you go and download these five stars learning games for your kids and start their fun learning. 

More new games are being added every month. 

So expect news from us very soon 🙂

Go play and learn now!

You want to know more about how online learning games help kids and how to choose them? See this article.


Kids playing SKIDOS Games

How SKIDOS helps your child improve in math?

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SKIDOS learning games are designed to let your kids play while they improve in key early skills like mathematics, coding, and reading. 

Learning is a journey and it gets more exciting for kids when they have fun. SKIDOS games are designed to engage kids so that they practice more and learn from the feedback given to them. Kids intuitively use the feedback in their decision making and problem-solving to progress.

SKIDOS learning content is customized to each child’s individual skill level so that she can progress at her own pace. We gathered data on how kids are performing with the learning content to support our statement that-

“The more kids play – the more they learn”

In the graphs below, you can see how kids are improving their accuracy in math when they play more. The graph illustrates that as they answer more questions their accuracy improves over time. 

Accuracy math levelThe Level presents the difficulty of the questions asked. Children in the group of Level 1 (4-5 years old) have in general good accuracy. They have a good command over basic counting, simple addition, and subtraction using different visual and audio tools in the games. They get feedback based on their answers and use this feedback to improve their accuracy by up to 3% points.

More interesting results are seen as the Levels get harder. There we can see that children improve their accuracy by a bigger margin. 

At (Level 3) below, children improve their accuracy by more than 20% points. This improvement in accuracy continues as the levels get harder and as they answer more questions at every level.

Based on this data, as well as our school visits and observations from testing with hundreds of kids, we can happily say that children who play SKIDOS Games get better while having fun with math. The biggest bonus to play SKIDOS games is that your child will not stop wanting to play more and hence learn (practice) more.

So next time your kids ask you to play games and want more screen time, you can be sure that with SKIDOS they will get the best out of game-based learning.


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For those of you that are interested in the story behind Skidos –why we started the company, how we develop our product and who are we?

Here’s a brief explanation.

Skidos was founded in 2014. We have been learning to improve the company. Our first product,Milk Hunt, a cool math game is an endless runner game, which teaches maths through skill and drill approach. Our goal is to make learning fun.

At Skidos, we work to analyse different learning patters of children and build educational games around them.

The statistics shows that 56% of high school graduates doesn’t have the necessary level of math, according to NMSI *.

Usually maths is the hardest subject to teach at schools all over the world. We believe that integrating learning process in games, kids will be more open and ready for maths. Maths becomes just a cheat code to do well in the game!

The game was designed to help children between 6 and 11 years, practice mental math, like division and fraction in a fun environment.

Milk Hunt has proven to be useful for our “little demanding customers”:


Skidos has been recognized and was awarded, that attest our desire to encouraging children thinking, solving and above all playing.

Our mission is to change the way kids learn & play on mobile by building beautifully designed apps with Fun Gameplay & Learning mechanics, because we believe in the future.

We can proudly say that our game, is a part of one of the cool math games out there. We will show to kids that math is FUN (MILK HUNT).

Will you hold our hand during this journey?

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By Ángela R.

* Source: NMSI

** More information: OECD