Cool Math Car Games

Parents and teachers have always had to get creative when it comes to teaching math to children. If done with a smart approach in the form of games and fun activities, teaching math gets much easier. We’ve got some cool math car games that can help with making math learning a smooth journey.
Math, if done only on paper through traditional ways, can get difficult and boring very quickly. So, how do you get a child to enjoy math? Well, you can most certainly make it easier for them with the help of games and activities. The more relatable and easier it gets, the more they’ll begin to enjoy learning it. You can trick them into acquiring math concepts easily by engaging them through learning games for their age. While kids enjoy the games, they also learn a bunch of math concepts in the process. It’s a win-win for both parents and kids. Here’s a look at our cool math car games that you can download for your kids.

Race Cars

All kids love a good race. Whether it’s in an arcade or on their phones, kids always enjoy the thrill of a car race. In this game, kids can choose their favorite car to race with. Unlock many more monster trucks as they move up to new levels. The idea of the game is to avoid obstacles and move past the other players to win the race. There are several math puzzles hidden in the game that need to be solved to move ahead in the race. Kids learn various math concepts while playing this game. The mini-games are personalized for each level so that kids are challenged with new difficulty levels. This will help sharpen their math skills and stimulate their minds. The game can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes. Moreover, there’s a dashboard where parents can conveniently track the progress of their child at all times. Read more

Bike Racing

Is your kid a bike buff and loves them more than cars? No worries, here’s a bike race game that kids can enjoy too. Kids can simply choose a bike that they like and customize it the way they want. Race past the other players to get to the finish line. Solve math puzzles throughout the game to get past levels and unlock new features. There are multiple difficulty levels so that kids of all ages can enjoy this game. Learn and practice basic addition and subtraction in the early levels, and go on to learn decimals, fractions, geometry, and even coding at the advanced levels. Kids can be a cool biker who’s also a math ninja. Parents can choose which difficulty level to opt for depending on the age and learning pace of the child. Also, to make things more effective, there’s a dashboard where you can track the child’s progress. This will help you understand their strengths and weaknesses better. Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

At SKIDOS, we always ensure that the games are engaging enough for kids to enjoy and stay focused and that there’s some level of learning in all of them. When parents need a break, they can keep the kids engaged through these games and be rest assured that they will learn and practice various math concepts while having a gala time playing them. The animation is adorable, the music and sounds are exciting, and the learning and fun is constant. Go ahead and explore many more exciting games at the SKIDOS app today.

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