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Simple Games for Kids with ADHD to Help Make Learning Fun!

ADHD is a condition in children that makes it difficult for them to pay attention or remain calm. While there’s no cure for it, it can be treated with medication and behavioral therapy. There are various games for kids with ADHD that can help with controlling their hyperactivity.

Some children are born with a condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD. It’s a condition where there are large amounts of hyperactivity in the child, making it a challenge for them to remain still, follow instructions, and pay attention for a long time. Their attention span is minimal. It shouldn’t be looked at negatively or as an illness, it’s merely a condition that requires a little more effort and patience from parents and educators. There’s no cure but there are wonderful activities and games for kids with ADHD that will help them in channeling their energy in the right direction. Let’s look at some simple activities and games for kids with ADHD.

Arts & Craft

Children with ADHD tend to be very creative. They enjoy playing with colors, playdough, paints, etc. They’ll enjoy making rockets and boats out of chart paper, or still life painting. You could take them to the park or simply sit out in the backyard and have them draw or paint the scenery in front of them. It’s also a great way to spend time with your kids. Over the weekend, you can try new craft projects – you could make hats and other fun costumes out of paper, enjoy a bit of hand painting, or even make jewelry from beads and string. These simple activities will help them stay calm, focus, and channel their energy into creating something beautiful.

Active Games

Since kids with ADHD have so much energy, you need to look for games that will help them release all that energy. However, you must start with games that don’t require being part of a team or having a partner. They can start with swimming, skipping, skateboarding, or even hula hooping. Once they are comfortable with playing these games and have had enough practice, you can engage them in other suitable games for kids with ADHD that have one more player like badminton or table tennis. After a while, when they get comfortable being around other kids, you could sign them up for sports like soccer or baseball.

Music & Dance

All kids love music and dancing, and kids with ADHD are no different. Dance along videos and action songs are great ways to entertain and educate kids. Dancing is a great way to stay active and fit, and through song, kids can improve their speech and memory. It’s a common fact that music helps with memory as well as releasing endorphins (happy hormones). You could sing and dance with them at home after school or during the weekend, and as they get older, you could sign them up for a music or dance class.

Children with ADHD take a little longer to understand and control their emotions and actions. Very often, they have emotional outbursts and throw tantrums. This makes it challenging for them to make friends and behave appropriately in a social setting. However, this can be controlled with fun activities. You don’t have to sit them down and lecture them on how to behave, all you have to do is be patient and participate in various activities with them. This will help them in self-expression and self-control. Apart from the games mentioned above, there are learning apps like SKIDOS that have some enjoyable learning games for kids with ADHD that are designed to entertain, educate, and engage them. With proper behavioral guidance and medication, kids with ADHD will be able to cope with the condition just fine over time.

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