We will love to help you out if you have any problems using our apps. For any technical support or to report a bug or for feedback please email us at


Subscription Related

  • I have got a SKIDOS subscriptions. But how can I get unlimited access to other SKIDOS games?
    It is simple. Download any SKIDOS game from App Store or Google Play and follow the steps bellow:

    Account Related


  • What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your SKIDOS password, you can reset it easily. On the Signup/Login page in any of the SKIDOS Apps click Forgot password?. Enter your information and SKIDOS will e-mail password reset instructions to you. If you don’t see the e-mail in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

  • What are the technical requirements for SKIDOS Lab apps?

All the SKIDOS Lab apps should be supported on most iOS and android systems. If you have any issues contact

  • What should I do if I forget my username?

If you forget your SKIDOS username email, then you will have to create a new username email id on the main SKIDOS sign up/login screen in any of the SKIDOS Labs apps.

  • How do I change my password?

Currently, we do not allow change of password. However if you forgot your password you can create a new one by following the method described above.

About our Apps ?

  • What kind of apps or products does SKIDOS Lab make?

All of SKIDOS Lab mobile apps allow for an adaptive and personalised education practice for your child. Our proprietary learning engine integrates seem lessly into a number of mobile games to make education fun for your child.  SKIDOS apps are designed to boost scores and increase confidence in any subject. Currently we are focussing on mathematics.

Key Benefits of SKIDOS Lab mobile apps are:

For Kid’s

  1. Pick-Up and play with minimum supervision
  2. Fun game mechanics across different mobile apps to encourage math practice
  3.  Self paced education practice program
  4.  Interactive education problems
  5.  Virtual rewards for better engagement
  6. Multiple variety of games which kids normally spend time playing
  7. Unique Power-ups and customised accessories and avatars
For Parents & Teachers
  1. Intuitive, safe and kid-friendly design
  2. Customised Learning for grades K-5
  3. Aligned to global math standards including the Common Core Standards
  4. Track progress for each child across grades and topics. Dashboard for real time view of child’s progress
  5. Intelligent algorithm to identify areas of strengths & weaknesses
  6. No advertising
  7. Language neutral interface with minimal need for verbal directions
  • Who uses SKIDOS Lab mobile apps?

SKIDOS apps are used globally by over 200,000 families with kids in grades K-5. SKIDOS mobile apps are most commonly used for:

  1. Replacing boring printables and worksheets
  2. Replacing casual game time on mobile devices with educational learning time
  3. Providing additional practice on what is taught in school
  4. Bringing parents and children together for time that is fun and educational.

SKIDOS mobile apps are also used by over 200 schools to complement lessons taught in the classroom.

  • What are the key features in SKIDOS Lab mobile apps?

Here is a list of common key features in all SKIDOS Mobile apps:


  1. Grades K to 5 content
  2. Common Core Aligned
  3. Personalized and Self Paced Practice

    Evaluation and Assessment

  4. Weekly Email Summary
  5. Progress Summary Dashboard
  6. Skill-wise Performance Report
  7. Child/Student-wise Performance Report

    Parent Involvement

  8. Daily/Weekly/Monthly access to reports for Parents

    Student Engagement

  9. Challenging games for all age groups
  10. Virtual currencies, power-ups and Game shop
  11. Variety of different fun game plays across games
  12. Countless Avatars to use
  • How is the curriculum designed for SKIDOS Lab?

SKIDOS Labs mobile apps  have been aligned to cover most global math standards including the Common Core Standards, UK National Curriculum, Australian Year 1 to Year 5 Curriculum. The curriculum has been designed by teachers and experts to ensure alignment with different curriculum standards and efficacy of math content in the apps. If you have more questions on the curriculum , please write to us at Our content development team would love to answer your questions.

  • How can I find an SKIDOS Lab report that best suits my needs?

If you are a child or parent, you can easily access usage details, trouble spots and progress reports from the statistics button at the top of the Math Menu screen in any of the apps. 

Each of the SKIDOS mobile apps have a Math menu section in which kids can choose their grade and topic to practice math. All apps have an intelligent and adaptive algorithm which tracks the progress of the child and identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses. These can be seen by tapping on the bar graph image in the math menu section. Parents and Teachers can also track the performance of the child over a period of time for each grade.

Trouble Shooting ?

  • The app is stuck on a screen what do I do?
    • You need internet to sign up and play the game for the first time. If it’s still not working write to and explain your problem and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  • My app is not loading, freezing. What do I do?
    • You need internet to sign up and play the game. If it’s still not working write to and explain your problem and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  • How do I contact for support?
    • Write to and explain your problem, and if possible, what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  • How do I disable music in the app?
    • Go to the settings menu and click the disable music button.
  • App has no sound. What do I do?
    • Go to the settings menu and click the enable sound button.