Learning through play

We make educational games kids actually– ENJOY.

Because kids learn best when they play!

We make educational gaming apps kids actually – ENJOY.

How our apps help children ?

Build curiosity

Children are born curious but traditional learning methods and tools limit their natural curiosity. For example, most problems in worksheets do not stimulate their minds. The content itself is boring. Our games use events and characters seen in the game to generate engaging problems which kids love to solve. No worksheets, just winners. No fear of failure, just plaudits for practice.

Increase practice time

Studies show that every hour of additional practice increases the child’s grade by 1 percent. Skidos puts the gaming experience first. And lets the learning take care of itself. This incentivises the child to practice more by allowing them to win in-game currency for every practice session. By practicing Math & English skills using our games, redundant game time becomes fun learning time.

Real Games Vs Gamification

Kids love playing casual games. Rather than simply producing ‘gamified’ (i.e. clumsily camouflaged) lessons, Skidos puts the gaming experience first and then embeds the education. The result? Educational games kids actually – wait for it – enjoy.  In fact our games are so much fun that even the adults in the family have a go at them. Seriously, go ahead and try for yourself.

Intelligent Personalized Learning

Every child is unique and their ability to grasp concepts differ. Some are good at visualization, others at mental math or in language. We have built a personalized learning path where each child can progress at her own pace. Our data analysis tools let us spot where a child needs a helping hand.

Curriculum Aligned Standards

Our entire database of questions is mapped to global curriculum standards which students and teachers are expected to follow. All our learning apps are aligned as per international curriculum standards like the Common Core Standards, European National level Standards and the UK National Curriculum.

1:1 Intuitive learning

Students progress through the levels at their own pace, advancing to the next level only through mastering the previous level. Kids find games intuitive. Our games enable fast start-up and immediate engagement regardless of proficiency level of the child.

Our Apps

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Milk Hunt (Life Time Access)

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"Hop Star : This game is ADDICTIVE ! 'Frogger Type' Math game to keep one busy for basically forever"

− Teachers with Apps

"A fun game good for practicing Mental Math"

− Prof. James Paul Gee (ASU & Stanford Univeristy)

"Do you have children who like playing games ? They will love this app Milk Hunt Kids Math Game."

− I Game Mom

"Milk Hunt: Kids Math Game is an excellent math app for primary school aged students to have fun whilst practicing thier skills in many mathematical operations. I highly recommend this app."

− Jenny Webster (Teacher)

"Milk Hunt is a fun and engaging game which works on Math skills as you play through this endless runner style of game. The game is very addictive and a whole heap of fun. My seven year old daughter absolutely loves it. So glad to see her learning something while having fun."

− Sharon Turriff (Parent )

"Milk Hunt is a combination of game and math practice that won't soon become boring for your little learner."

− Smart Apps for kids

"Milk Hunt is a fast-paced game app that provides solid math practice in a format children will love. It is so well done, it has earned a TopPick for us."

− Fun Educational Apps