We combine kids’ favorite games with interactive learning content

We help kids develop their Math and Coding skills through playing

Kids learn the best when they play. We help them play better.

 Building Curiosity

Children are born curious but traditional learning tools limit their natural curiosity. The most commonly used tool – ‘worksheets’ are boring! Our apps use in-game events and characters to generate engaging problems around mathematics and coding which kids love to solve. No worksheets, just winners. No fear of failure, just plaudits for effort.

More Practice Time

Research shows that every hour of additional practice increases a child’s grade by 1 %. Our apps put the gaming experience first. And let the learning take care of itself. Kids are inclined to practice more as they win in-game currency for every practice session. As a result, redundant game time becomes fun learning time.

Actually Fun Games

Kids love playing casual games. Rather than simply producing clumsily camouflaged ‘gamified’ lessons, we put the gaming experience first and then embed the education. The result? Educational games kids actually enjoy.  In fact our games are so much fun that even the adults in the family have a go at them.

Interactive Learning Content

All SKIDOS games contain interactive Math and Coding questions that require kids active engagement. Through visual support, audio text and open-ended questions, learning content becomes much easier to understand and solve. Thanks to our improved Math and Coding questions, kids can learn more actively. The kid-friendly design helps the children get instant feedback and learn from their mistakes.

Curriculum Aligned Standards

Our entire learning database is mapped to global curriculum standards, like the Common Core Standards and the European National level Standards, which students and teachers are expected to follow for Mathematics. For coding, our in house team of teachers and programmers have designed a unique curriculum to encourage kids to understand how games are coded.

Minimum Adult Supervision

Children find our games intuitive. They progress through the levels at their own pace, advancing to the next level only through mastering the previous level. Our games enable fast start-up and immediate engagement regardless of proficiency level of the child. So, children don’t need constant parent supervision. Our data analysis tools let us spot where a child needs a helping hand.

Our Super Fun Learning Games

Skidos Pirates

SKIDOS Penguin Flyer

Skidos Race Cars

SKIDOS Tilted Birds

SKIDOS Runners


Skidos Bike racing

SKIDOS Chili Hunt

SKIDOS Water Hero

fuel my party

brainy city

Hop Star

SKIDOS Milk Hunt


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