How do you make coding fun for kids?  the answer is: learn to code with play by coding games But What is a good coding apps and games for kids?

Kids are spending more time on cell phones and in front of laptops. Study seems to be crawling away from their routine. But since we’re locked in our homes and letting them play outside isn’t an option, we seem quite helpless. Well, not really. What if we try to make studies fun for them? If you think the online classes aren’t doing enough for them, why don’t we make an effort! 

Coding and machine learning are the new algebra. The government has decided to introduce the basics of coding to school students and shall be incorporating it in their syllabus.

Being exposed to one of the most popular skill sets beforehand could prove to be a profitable deal for your ward. Since online classes are occupying much of their time, we need to come up with ways to make learning easier and fun at the same time. The internet is filled with several games that can teach your kids coding, in the process of play. In this article, we shall be discussing some of these websites. 

Flying Superstars – Coding Programming Math Games for K1-5

Jim & his friends are on a mission to become the greatest superheroes of all time! Do you have what it takes to help them with this impossible task? Let your kids become masters of math & coding as they tackle new problems on their path.

With SKIDOS Flying Superstars, you can:

  1. Choose your favorite avatars to play with
  2. Conquer 9 different levels
  3. Unlock power-ups & abilities
  4. Collect diamonds to gain rewards
  5. Practice Math & Coding
  6. Download Flying Superstars & fly through challenging paths. Remember to avoid lava at all costs!

What is fun about Coding Games for 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th graders SKIDOS Flying Superstars?
Flying Superstars Coding Games presents you just an ordinary guy named Jim. OK, actually he’s a superstar who can fly. Jim flies through this insanely difficult lava filled adventure with his crazy superstar friends. Now it’s your time to join in and help them beat all the wacky levels full of challenge! Use your Math & Coding Skills to unlock new characters and power-ups.

| >>> See more about our game here: Coding Programming Math Games for K1-5


Everybody loves playing games. So why not learn how games are coded? With SKIDOS Coding Games for KIDS Flying Superstars, you can now understand the coding logic behind your favourite games. So you and your kids can get inspired and interested in programming.


All SKIDOS games including Flying Superstars turn classroom lessons into fun math challenges which families love taking on.

Code Combat 

Code Combat is a popular website that uses some very simple and easy browser video games to educate your kids about different programming languages like Python, JS, CoffeeScript, or C++ and also master them.

You can sign in to the website for free and get going with the process. You’re allowed to play games even without signing in. Before you get going, the website asks you to choose the programming language you wish to learn and it starts teaching you the basics. It will give you small pieces to code and as you code, you unlock new levels in the game.


This website teaches you to curate video games and animations yourself. It assigns you small blocks and teaches you to arrange them properly and code simple information. It allows you to code for motion, sound, operations, variables separately, and before you realize you gradually turn into a coder.

Its step-by-step guide teaches you to accomplish tasks like software development. If you’re a sharp learner, this website is for you. It can take you to new levels of your intellect and make you proud.

Code Monster Games for Kids

Code Monster is a popular website that helps you with coding in programming languages like Java. Individuals of any age can use it to learn to code and become professional coders. The user interface has been designed to be extremely simple so that people of all age groups can use it. It consists of a monster and two blocks around it.

One of these blocks is used to display what you code, while the other one is used to display what the results are in real-time. The website is becoming popular for being an easy option to learn to code for people of all ages. You could choose to buy rotating residential Proxies to access games and websites that might be blocked from your region.

Blockly Programming Games for Kids

Blockly Games is another popular website that incorporates several fun games to teach coding to kids and adults. It teaches javascript as the primary Programming language.

As a part of the game, there are several blocks presented before you that contain pieces of coding. You are supposed to arrange these blocks in the right order.

As soon as you arrange these blocks in the right sequence, a script pops up to show what your codes look like. It helps you learn coding from scratch and brush it up. After all, adding a skill to your skillset won’t harm your CV.


Tynker is as much fun to use as it sounds like. This website has a plethora of games and puzzles to help children learn the basics of coding and sharpen their skills at it.

Its teaching method allows you to choose your proficiency from the three levels provided. It teaches you coding from the scratch and helps you develop with each passing day. Several of its games and puzzles allow you to code, arrange codes for different scripts and then judge your performance accordingly so that you can improve.

Conclusion for Coding Games For Kids

Several web and Android applications are available on the internet to teach you and your kids coding. These websites including Code Combat, Scratch, Code Monster, Blockly Games, Tynker, etc use several games and puzzles to make coding fun for you.

Why you should download SKIDOS Flying SuperStars Coding Games for Kids?

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