Learning games which kids love playing.

Stimulate the learning process of your child with our fun games. With SKIDOS, kids can improve their accuracy in mathematics by up to 20% and develop an early interest in coding.

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Our mission is to create an educational platform for fun learning with children’s favourite games. We want to assist parents and teachers help children in their learning journey.

Play is the best way to learn

We help both families and teachers worldwide to make  learning fun and easy. Our interactive learning content and games are designed for children aged 4 to 11 years. Our games help them develop an early interest in math, coding and reading which are key 21st century skills for their future success.



Kids love playing casual games. Rather than simply producing clumsily camouflaged ‘gamified’ lessons, we put the gaming experience first and then embed the education. The result? Educational games kids actually enjoy.

Increase accuracy in mathematics


Our study shows that kids who are playing SKIDOS games for 10 minutes daily are improving their accuracy in mathematics by up to 20% points. It also shows an increase in their interest levels in coding and higher concentration.

No external Ads in SKIDOS Games


We understand how vital online safety is. Kids should be allowed to play freely without being exposed to unwanted content. Thats why our games have NO ADS. We also ensure extreme security for their privacy and data.

School supplement


Teachers & experts from all over the world have developed our learning curriculum to ensure it is aligned to the school objectives for ages 5 to 11 years. Kids around the world are using our games as a fun way to do homework.

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“My day is usually quite hectic. As a mom of three I worry a lot about their screen time. Since we have SKIDOS Games I feel calm that they are safe online and are actually learning while playing.
SKIDOS helped me get more time for myself, and now I simply get more done.”

– Anna Jørgenson.

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