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Why are games important for children's development?

Nov 7, 2019
Gamification , Parenthood

Playing games, whether outdoors or indoors, is the preferred leisure activity for many children. These days, children spend a lot of their time playing online games on a mobile or computer and one of the best ways you can have your child utilize his screen time is by letting them immerse in the world of educational games and learning games.

These games add the fun aspects of playing games to the learning and educational experiences of children without them even realizing it are important for children’s development. Not only that, playing games with your kids is one of the best ways for you, the parents, to collaborate and spend time with your kids.

Choosing appropriate children-friendly games such as the Skidos games will let them enjoy and educate themselves simultaneously. Here are some of the benefits of games in the development of your child. 

How gaming can help and important for your child's development?

How gaming can help and important for your child’s development?

1. Learning games are engaging

One of the best things learning games do is combining entertainment with education. Entertainment will lead to a higher engagement rate which means your child is participating actively in the process of learning. A sense of accomplishment is felt by the child when he achieves the goals that exist in the game and hence is constantly motivated to play. Your child will keep coming back to play and learn more and more through learning games.

2. Educational games increase memory and improve problem-solving skills

Playing a game often involves keeping a track of the rules and memorizing the various elements present in a game. Since your child will be performing cognitive actions while playing educational games, they will have higher retention and improved memory. Games also often involve decision-making and strategizing.

Players must plan the steps to take to move ahead in a game and make quick decisions regarding the action path to be chosen. While playing games, your kids will learn these important skills which will serve them throughout their lives.

3. Learning games help build skills

Various learning games contain certain aspects which help children in building different skills. For example, Skidos games can help build arithmetic and coding skills in children.

Playing video games can improve hand-eye coordination. In order to explain why games important for children’s development, we can see games which involve managing things and working in a team can improve the team building and management skills of your kids. Learning these skills through games will lead to higher retention than the conventional learning techniques. 

4. Immediate feedback is provided

While your kid may have to wait for several weeks before receiving the grade or score for a test he gave in his school, a learning game will provide the results in an instant. The instant outcome in a game will help them judge their decision. It will also help them in quickly realizing the correct problem-solving approach towards certain problems.

How games important for children’s development?  By making mistakes on games have no major consequences and making mistakes and learning from them will make your child smart. Educators can use the instant feedback received from your child playing games to personalize their learning to optimize the outcomes.

5. Games promote healthy competition

Conventional competition may lead to stress in children. Learning games are not only relaxing but also promote a healthy sense of competition. Many games involve bettering one’s own score. Hence, a child will learn to compete against himself and keep improving. They can engage in competition with friends and build lasting, quality relationships with friends.

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Now that you are aware of the multiple benefits of games in your child’s development and growth, don’t miss out on the chance of including educational games in his routine. You can go that route by subscribing to SKIDOS games at





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