What We Do


We make learning games which kids actually – ENJOY!


We are developing more fun learning games to help kids build 21st Century skills. 


We always welcome new suggestions & feedback while developing our products.


We try to learn and get better every single day !

Meet the team

Our mission is to help kids discover the fun in problem solving.


WWII nerd & Product Head


Gamer & Studio Head & Client Side Lead, Delhi


Trouble Maker & CEO


Investigator & QA Lead


Cake Hunter & Business Relations


Cycling Pro & Data Lead


Philosopher & Design Head


Bookworm & Developer

Working at SKIDOS ?

If you’re passionate about startups and want to be a part of building something great and meaningful that will actually impact the world, then we would love meeting you over a drink or dinner or both! We are always looking for awesome talent to join our team.

Benefits and perks

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Work with great people
We are a small international team of highly motivated people with an abnormal amount of drive and passion for what we are building. Maybe a bit crazy.

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We are building something innovative and disruptive which will change the way kids learn in the future. We have global ambitions and will make a real difference to the lives of the younger generation and to the future of our planet.
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Equity Options
We take care of our family. If you turn out to be an important asset in achieving our goals we will make sure you stick around for the big pay day.
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Life changing career move?
Fast growth in a company means new opportunities and a rapid career. Pursue this life-changing experience.

Don’t see the job that’s right for you?

Get in touch at play@skidos.com and let us know how you’d fit in!

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