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5 Fun Activities to Enjoy at Home This Christmas

Dec 14, 2020

2020 has been a pretty rough year so far. As Christmas comes knocking, most of us locked in the safety of our homes in the festive season. But worry not! Let’s have a look at all the fun things you can do at home & spend a memorable Christmas with your loved ones.

  • Bake Delicious Christmas Treats

Christmas is the season of delicious cakes & pies. While you stay at home, go on & perfect that baking recipe of yours & enjoy with the whole family! You can involve the kids in doing little tasks in the kitchen & tell them about the ingredients that go into making delicious Christmas treats!  We also have a fun baking game you can try out!

  • Share Christmas Stories with the Family

Christmas is a time where the family gathers together & shares stories about Christmas with each other. Spending quality time with your loving family should always be cherished all year round. If you run out of Christmas stories to tell your kids, here’s a fun blog to help you out!

  • Watch Christmas Cartoons with your Kids

Watching engaging cartoons with the kids is a great way to manage their screen time & teach them a little more about Christmas. Cartoons go a long way in telling children about the true spirit of Christmas & the importance of family. We’ve created a list of Christmas Cartoons you must watch this season if you want to take a look!

  • Laugh & Share Fun Jokes

Jokes are a sure-shot way to liven up the mood at any family gathering. Let kids know your funny side as you share these funny Christmas jokes for kids with them. Laugh around, have fun & enjoy safely at your homes. We can defeat this virus by staying healthy & happy together!

  • Participate in online Christmas Contests

As a lot of families are celebrating Christmas in the safety of their homes, many contests are being organized online to help them spend fun quality time with the kids. These contests offer amazing rewards & fun activities to keep the children happily engaged & motivate them to unleash their inner creativity! WE’ve organized SKIDOS Christmas Contest for you to participate in & win amazing gifts! See if you can win!


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