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5 Fun Activities To Enjoy With Your Family This Holiday Season

Oct 10, 2023

“Which fun holiday activities should I plan for my family this year?” This is a question that crosses every parent’s mind during the holiday season. With all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to get caught up in the tasks and forget what’s truly important. Before you know it, the new year will be here and all that remains are the memories of this special time.

This is a precious season, especially when your kids are still young, full of curiosity, and discovering the magic of the holidays. We understand that you’re looking for some simple yet enjoyable ideas to make the most of this time with your family. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Check out these 5 fun family holiday activities to try this year!

1. Thanksgiving Traditions and Activities:

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and reflection. This year, why not involve your kids in preparing a heartwarming Thanksgiving meal? Even the littlest ones can help set the table, while older siblings can take part in the cooking and baking process. This not only teaches them responsibility but also the importance of working together as a family.

You can also create a “Gratitude Jar” where each family member writes down something they’re thankful for each day. It’s a beautiful way to encourage gratitude and share these sentiments with one another during your Thanksgiving meal.

2. Holiday Learning Games for Kids:

When you have kids of different ages, it can be challenging to find activities that cater to everyone’s needs. This is where holiday learning games come to the rescue, making family fun accessible to all.

Introducing SKIDOS Bakery: A delightful virtual learning game that allows your kids to become master bakers, creating virtual cakes of various flavors. Perfect for families with multiple kids, they can take turns crafting their dream cakes while learning about flavors, math and having a blast.

Skills learned: Responsibility, Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills

Available on: Apple App Store and Google Play Store

SKIDOS Superstore takes your kids on a virtual grocery shopping adventure, preparing them for the big Thanksgiving meal. It’s a fun way for them to explore a grocery store environment without the hustle and bustle of real life crowds. A soft introduction to the grocery store experience that is both entertaining and educational.

Skills learned: Responsibility, Critical Thinking, Social skills, Basic math skills

Available on: Apple App Store and Google Play Store

3. Family Talent Show

A family talent show is a heartwarming and entertaining activity for everyone in the family. From the toddlers to the oldest members, everyone can showcase their unique talents and skills. It’s a time when each family member gets to be in the spotlight and share what makes them special. Whether it’s little Timmy doing his funny dance, Grandma playing the harmonica or your Josie singing her favorite song, everyone’s talents are celebrated and appreciated.

For the younger ones, toddlers and kids can be part of the show too. They might sing a nursery rhyme, perform a cute dance or even share a simple magic trick. This not only boosts their confidence but also creates precious memories for everyone. The family talent show is an opportunity for the entire family to come together, cheer each other on and enjoy a good laugh. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to celebrate the diverse talents and personalities that make your family unique. So, grab your makeshift stage, put on a smile and let the show begin!

4. Thanksgiving Storytime

Thanksgiving Storytime is a heartwarming activity that brings families together by sharing stories and creating special memories. It’s a simple and joyful way to celebrate the holiday. You can start by gathering your loved ones in a cozy spot, perhaps with some blankets and cushions, making it a comfortable space for all.

For toddlers and young children, select colorful and engaging picture books with simple words and captivating illustrations. Stories like “The Thankful Book” by Todd Parr or “Bear Says Thanks” by Karma Wilson are wonderful choices. As you read, encourage your little ones to point at pictures and ask questions about the story, making it an interactive experience.

5. Family Game Night

Family Game Night is a delightful tradition that can bring joy and laughter to your Thanksgiving celebration. It’s a time when the entire family can come together to play a variety of board games and card games, fostering fun and connection. Whether you have toddlers or older kids in the mix, there are game options suitable for everyone.

For the youngest members of the family, consider games like “Candy Land” or “Chutes and Ladders.” These games are not only entertaining but also help toddlers with color recognition and counting. For slightly older children, classics like “Uno” are excellent, as they’re easy to grasp and full of excitement. The colorful cards and simple rules make it a hit with kids. These games provide an opportunity for friendly competition, lots of laughter and wonderful memories with your family. So, gather around the table, roll the dice and let the games begin!

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