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Engaging Home School Ideas to Make Learning Fun

Dec 27, 2021

Homeschooling can be both exciting and challenging for parents as well as kids. With the right homeschool ideas and fitting activities, it can be made fun, easy and positively impactful for kids’ learning and holistic development.

Homeschooling kids is not uncommon anymore!

Going by recent trends, homeschooling is becoming quite popular with parents all over the world. This can be attributed to various reasons such as the long standing effect of the pandemic or an increasing gap between professional requirements and school education. Or it could also be due to the need that parents may feel, for having better time allocation to specific activities. However, it has its own challenges and parents are often seen on the lookout for some engaging home school ideas. They are keen on making it a smooth ride for their kids.

When homeschooling your child, it is important to organize exciting schedules, activities and a social connection to keep children happy and motivated. They should never feel like they are missing out on social bonds. Let’s talk about a few simple homeschool ideas.

Steps for successful homeschooling

These are some basic yet important homeschool ideas that enable a smooth and successful implementation of this learning model for kids.

  1. Set a clear routine – Prepare a clear routine to begin with, including weekly timetables for lessons. Also, plan a schedule for different activities and play time.
  2. Establish goals – Think, analyze and define the goals to achieve periodically. It will help to measure the precise outcome of results achieved. And parents will know if their efforts are going in the right direction or not.
  3. Separate study area – Having a separate and peaceful area dedicated for studying brings more seriousness. It also helps build better concentration.
  4. Practice the skills – Apart from academic subjects, allocate time for practicing different skills as per the age. Be it reading, writing or comprehension skills, deciding as per the kid’s requirement.

Advantages of homeschooling kids

It’s certainly an arguable subject, if homeschooling is better than traditional schooling. But there are some key benefits to homeschooling for sure, for both parents and kids.

  1. Parents can teach kids at a suitable pace in a stress-free manner.
  2. No time is wasted in travelling back and forth to school.
  3. Kids are in a more relaxed, familiar surroundings and so, are likely to study with more focus.
  4. Parents can now directly monitor their kids’ daily progress.
  5. Safety of kids is a major concern and with homeschooling, parents can rest assured.
  6. One can employ different homeschool ideas as per their kid’s specific preferences.

Activities to make homeschooling fun

The idea is to make kids enjoy the process of learning and slowly, develop a natural inclination with a love for studies. Thus, including different types of activities in their daily schedule can help kids learn new things, almost effortlessly. Here are some examples.

Virtual play dates

Organizing virtual play dates for interactive learning in the form of a team quiz or group reading sessions or recitation competitions etc. can be one of the good home school ideas for kids. They can get to see new faces, connect at a human level, be exposed to different thoughts while learning in a playful way.

Time for unstructured learning

Put some time off for unstructured learning, where kids can be free to create on their own. This will fuel their imagination and make them independent. It can be through means like drawing, painting or creating any other art or craft things.

Online learning games

Introducing kids to online learning games can be a great way to make homeschooling fun and easy. SKIDOS offers 40+ fun learning games for 2-11-year-old kids, as per their interests. Providing a safe and ad-free environment ensures that no parental supervision is required. While parents take some time off, they can ensure kids have a productive screen time.

Extra-curricular classes

Parents can enroll kids in some extra-curricular classes, either online or offline, as per their kid’s liking and aptitude such as any sport or hobby like music, dance etc. This can be another chance for them to interact with kids of their age. Also, they will not feel socially aloof, even though not being a part of a formal school set-up.

Don’t neglect the outdoors

Social learning is any day the closest that comes to teaching kids practical life aspects. Be it a daily visit to a park or sports complex. Organizing a weekly picnic to a zoo or museum or even an annual trip to a new place they haven’t been before. Being outdoors is a must and can enhance natural learning of some key concepts for kids.

Any mode of learning can be made fun as well as relevant for kids’ future progress with the right approach, planning and activities. The home school ideas as discussed above can prove to be really effective in bringing a visible difference to your kid’s growth and overall learning.


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