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Enjoyable Puzzles for 3-Year-Olds

Dec 27, 2021

Today’s 3-year-olds are very tech-savvy! They grasp things very quickly and learn how to play games on phones and tablets in no time at all. We have an engaging selection of puzzles for 3-year-old kids that will keep them engaged, teach them a thing or two, and yet ensure that they don’t get too addicted to the screen.

Parents love to think of their 3-year-old as a baby or a toddler. But the truth is that they have moved out of that age, and parents are required to slowly start teaching them various academic and social skills. Of course, they will be in kindergarten soon and the teachers will cover all the learning, but a little fun learning before getting into pre-school will only help them settle in more easily. Their grasping power and memory are excellent at this age, and it’s also the age when cognitive abilities are constantly sharpening. Simple games that will help them build analytical and problem-solving skills is what is best suited for their age. Here’s a look at some of our puzzles for 3-year-olds.

Toddler Puzzle

Who doesn’t love a good jigsaw puzzle? And what better category to start with than animals. The toddler puzzle is designed to teach kids about different farm animals and, at the same time, challenge their minds a bit. There are 3 difficulty levels to help children learn at the pace they prefer. Parents can make the child play the next level right when they feel the child is ready. You’ve got animals, shapes, and colors in this game, and there’s a lot of learning, including spatial understanding, focus, and problem-solving skills, among others.

Animal Cube Puzzle

This game, much like a slot machine, makes the kid put pieces together to form a picture. The pictures are of cute little farm animals in various sceneries. The child needs to apply logic and common sense to make sure that the final picture is the correct one. After each level, there are small math puzzles given for the child to solve before moving ahead. There are more than 30 animal cube puzzles that your kids can enjoy, so you can be sure that through this game, they will learn basic math, and also about the animal kingdom!

Sort & Stack

As the name suggests, the child has to sort various pieces and stack them together to form the final toy. It may seem like a small activity but there’s a lot of learning that the 3-year-old will take from this. For starters, their fine motor skills are being worked on and also, their concentration is improving as well. They are being more focused on understanding the shapes and spatial reasoning. And, at the same time, they enjoy the fact that they are building toys! With multiple toys to sort & stack, this is a super fun game for children.

SKIDOS has got some remarkable games for kids that are aimed at introducing them to different life skills to help them as they grow. These games keep them engaged and also, allow the parents some free time to themselves. It’s always nice to take advantage of the fact that kids have remarkable focus, memory, and grasping skills at the age of 3. So, go ahead and explore the myriad of games that are available for your kids on the SKIDOS app now!


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