Nothing pains a parent more than seeing their child fall easy prey to infectious diseases, especially due to coronavirus pandemic across the world. We have listed down a few ways to supercharge your kid’s immunity:

Immune System Boosting Foods For Kids

#1 Dig into Dairy 

Milk products such as cheese and yoghurt are excellent sources of calcium. They also provide magnesium and phosphorous that help the body absorb calcium better. Children in the age group 3-5 years should drink full fat milk and dairy products. Add variety by giving your child yogurt in different flavors and adding chocolate to his daily cup of milk.

Nutrition Facts: Yogurt, plain, whole milk — 100 grams

Protein3.5 g
Carbs4.7 g
Sugar4.7 g
Fiber0 g
Fat3.3 g
Yogurt - Immune System Boosting Foods For Kids

#2 Be Sneaky 

If your little tot isn’t a dairy lover, there are tons of delicious ways to aid his intake. Make porridge or oatmeal for breakfast and let him feast on pudding as a snack. You can even blend yoghurt into fruit smoothies and sprinkle cheese on an omelet or his favorite veggies.

#3 Beyond the Milky Way  

No matter how creative you get, there are days when your child will just be plain fussy. Opting for non-milk sources of calcium breaks monotony. Try feeding your child calcium fortified bread and cereals, orange juice, soy milk and tofu.


Calories in a serving (40g) of Kelloggs All Bran: 133.6kcal

vitamins foods to for children's immune system

#4 Go Green 

Dark green veggies like broccoli, peas and spinach as well as beans are great sources of calcium.

#5 That’s just Nuts 

Nuts, especially almonds are high in calcium. Don’t miss out on sunflower seeds and sesame seeds (or tahini) are the best Immunity-Boosting Foods For Kids!!!!

Sunflower seeds
Total fat, which includes:14 grams
• Saturated fat1.5 grams
• Polyunsaturated fat9.2 grams
• Monounsaturated fat2.7 grams
Protein5.5 grams
Carbs6.5 grams
Fiber3 grams
Vitamin E37% of the RDI
Niacin10% of the RDI
Vitamin B611% of the RDI
Folate17% of the RDI
Pantothenic acid20% of the RDI
Iron6% of the RDI
Magnesium9% of the RDI
Zinc10% of the RDI
Copper26% of the RDI
Manganese30% of the RDI
Selenium32% of the RDI

#6 “D” Day for Immunity-Boosting Foods For Kids

The ever-important Vitamin D, without which the body cannot absorb calcium. One way to make sure your child gets enough Vitamin D is by sending him out to play in the sun. 

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A few minutes of morning sun exposure works wonders. (only if safe, and preferably on their own or with a parent accompanying them to ensure they stay away from other children / adults in these trying times). Other sources of Vitamin D are milk, cereals, orange juice, cheese, eggs and yoghurt.

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