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International Day of Peace: 7 simple ways to teach mindfulness to kids

Sep 5, 2023

On September 21st, people around the world celebrate the International Day of Peace. This special day promotes harmony and peace among all nations and people. One beautiful way to contribute to a peaceful world is by teaching mindfulness to our kids. Have you ever asked them what ‘mindfulness’ means to them? Get ready to share some giggles and get inspired. They might say ‘It is a way of relaxing when something is troubling you.’ 

Mindfulness helps kids develop emotional intelligence, empathy and a sense of inner calm. This can positively impact their lives and the world around them. As quoted by Ilene Berns-Zare, PsyD,“Giving kids and teens the gift of mindfulness is like planting seeds in the garden.” (Source: Psychology Today)

In this blog, we’ll explore 7 simple social emotional activities for kids. 

International Day of Peace: 7 social emotional activities for kids 

1. Mindful Breathing

Teaching kids how to focus their breath is a fantastic way to start their mindfulness journey. You can turn it into a fun activity. Tell them to pretend their belly is a balloon. Have them take slow, deep breaths to inflate the balloon (belly) and exhale slowly to deflate it. This simple social emotional activity for kids can help them calm down and connect with their inner peace. 

2. Mindful Nature Walks

Taking a nature walk is a great way to introduce kids to mindfulness. Encourage them to observe the sights, sounds and textures of the natural world. You can make it a scavenger hunt, asking them to find different types of leaves or listen to bird songs. This activity connects them with the present moment and instills a sense of appreciation for the beauty of the world around them. 

3. Mindful Coloring Games

coloring games for kids

Coloring games for kids can be transformed into mindful activities. SKIDOS Coloring Book game asks kids to color mindfully on virtual 100+ coloring sheets with intricate designs. This coloring game for kids helps explain to them that they should focus on the colors, the feeling of coloring and the movement of their hand. This concentration on the task at hand develops mindfulness. Additionally, this game also has math puzzles that your kids will love solving and learning on the go!

Skills learned: Mindfulness, Creativity, Imagination, Basic math skills

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4. Mindful Storytime

stories for kids

Choose books or audiobooks with peaceful themes and read them to your kids. SKIDOS Hedgehog is an adorable audiobook. It helps kids discover an enchanted forest with Heston, the Hedgehog. While reading, discuss the characters’ emotions and the choices they make. Encourage your kids to relate this story to their own lives and feelings. This not only enhances their storytelling skills but also fosters emotional intelligence. While helping Heston navigate through the magical forest, your kids will solve math problems too!

Skills learned: Mindfulness, Empathy, Responsibility, Social skills

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5. Mindful Listening 

Help your kids become better listeners by engaging in mindful listening activities. Play soothing music or nature sounds and ask them to close their eyes and listen carefully. Afterward, discuss what they heard and how it made them feel. This exercise improves their ability to be present and attentive. 

6. Mindful Gratitude 

Teaching kids to be thankful for the things they have can promote inner peace. Create a gratitude jar where they can write down things they are grateful for and put them in the jar. Encourage them to read these notes when they’re feeling down, reminding them of the positivity in their lives. 

7. Mindful Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for adults; kids can benefit from it too. Introduce them to simple yoga poses and stretches. Emphasize the importance of slow, deliberate breathing and movements. Yoga helps kids become more in tune with their bodies and emotions. 

International Day of Peace & SKIDOS 🧡

On this International Day of Peace, let’s take a moment to reflect on how we can promote peace within our families. Teaching mindfulness to kids is a powerful way to cultivate inner peace and empathy. These simple social emotional activities for kids can raise a generation of mindful individuals. They can contribute to a more peaceful world for everyone. So, celebrate this special day by nurturing mindfulness in the hearts of your kids, one breath at a time. 

At SKIDOS, we help teach mindfulness to kids. The social emotional activities for kids in our games promote self awareness and emotional regulation.  Our games include elements like positive reinforcement for focused attention. They develop concentration and the ability to stay present in the moment in kids.  We introduce concepts like gratitude, problem solving, empathy and more. This can benefit kids inside and outside of the gaming world. 

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