21st century. We are surrounded by technology, how many games do your kids play daily? According to James Paul Gee, gaming expert, we can use the great possibilities that video games bring for learning. Are your kids ready to use games as a new learning tool?

The first possible mistake is to think that games are just games. If we go through it we may discover new possibilities.

If we take Minecraft as an example, we will find out that cooperation is, not just necessary, but essential to win. Success by collaborating and sharing knowledge is one of its basic learning in this game. Online communities exist to give feedback and share content about the universe of the game. That’s active learning.

To see the practicality in learning makes the learning process more clear. Also the comprehension of the concepts becomes easier. We find the goal of learning.

To motivate is not just to provide a book, but also to help to find the right motivation to learn and put into practice.

What is a cross functional team? Can we use and develop ours best skills to win in a game? How much do we need to interact with others for success? How good is cooperation between people to win? As parents, it is good to understand the big meaning of some questions for the good of your kids.

How profitable it will be to transfer this concept to the educational systems?

Should we bring the games to the manuals in education?



* Source: EDUTOPIA

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