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Teacher Experiences: Time to laugh with themmmmmm

Oct 5, 2015

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened in your classroom? (teacher experiences)

Most of us have no shortage of sad or tragic moments that occur in our classrooms, and most classrooms are also often filled up with laughter.

I invited some educators to share their favorite funny moments.

Mary K. Tedrow, Jeryl-Ann Asaro, Kelly Wickham Hurst,  and Richard Byrne share their memories. I’ve also included comments from readers.

First, I’ll briefly share three of my own from just the past two years:

Students had just discovered my book-writing “sideline.”  One student came up to me before class began and, in all seriousness, told me, “Mr. Ferlazzo, we have underestimated you!”

Another day, my very talented student-teacher was in charge of the class, and I was observing from my desk. She kneeled down to work with a student sitting near me, doing a great job of guiding him through challenges he was having completing an essay. After the student-teacher moved on, the student she had been helping turned to me with a smile and said, “Mr. Ferlazzo, that was good teaching. Learn from it.”

My last story relates to the anonymous evaluations I have students write about the class and me at the end of each semester. I tell students that I will publish the results—warts and all— on my blog in an effort to help them take it seriously, and always follow through. Last year, The Washington Post picked up my report summarizing what students wrote. Here was their headline:

NEWS BREAK (not breaking news): Teacher asks students to grade him. One wrote: ‘I give Mr. Ferlazzo an A at being annoying.’

Laughing Teacher Experiences!!!!

True terror!Teachers

“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” 

A lot of teachers can relate to Kurt Vonnegut’s quote. From kindergarten 
to senior year, they’ve seen it all. So here you have some stories about the hilarious, sweet, droll, 
and occasionally clueless things the students of this heroic professionals do or say:

Teacher experience 1 Teacher experience 2

Teacher experience 3 

Teacher experience 4

Teacher experience 5

Do you have a funny joke, quote, or story? 

Just share it!

By Ángela R.

*Source: Rd

Read more about teacher experiences: Teacher Resources

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