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Jul 20, 2015

Once you become a mother or father, there is no way back. ”Your life will change” you hear and it does. Of course, for good… But sometimes it seems an endless way without any horizon. Don’t worry!

We want to remind you why parenthood is awesome.

The HuffPost Parents asked parents what they didn’t expect to enjoy about parenting. We have selected our six favorites:

  1. Getting up in the middle of the night. “No matter what age they are and no matter the reason, there is something about being with your child in the quiet, wee hours of the morning. It’s time that the two of you have alone together, when you are completely focused on that one child. Even if it starts as a storm, you bring them calm. Being able to soothe your child is so satisfying.” — Marie Fryer Zullo
  1. The noise. “I am surprised by how much I am unbothered by (and even enjoy) the sound of my daughter’s toys. I’ve always found baby toy’s noise so obnoxious, and I was worried I’d be one of those mums who takes the batteries out of the toys… But I kind of love the constant noise, because it’s the sound of her happiness and enjoyment. And it’s so much better than her being bored and miserable!” — Sarah Courtney
  1. The sense of purpose. “I didn’t expect to feel so free. So many people say that once you have kids, your life is over. For me it was the opposite. I didn’t live until my daughter was born. Now I have a purpose; a reason to get up everyday. I can be myself around her without judgement and that is such a wonderful feeling.” — Brooke Dawson
  1. Poop. “ I’ve never been so happy for another human to just poop!!” — Samantha McCallum
  1. Watching your kids sleep. “I feel so at peace seeing them so content/peaceful in their warm beds.” — Alejandra Mata Garcia
  1. What they teach you. “Before I had my son, I thought I had life all figured out. No one could teach me anything because I was smart and already had a wide range of life experiences… I was SO wrong! I have learned more from him in 7 years than I did in the 22 years before he was in my life. I’m a better person, friend, partner, employee, and the list goes on. I didn’t expect the personal growth that comes with parenting, and didn’t expect to love it!” — Amanda Harvey


Do you see yourself in those answers?

What’s your favourite?

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By Ángela R.

* Source: The Huffington Post


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