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Ensuring Your Child’s Emotional Wellbeing – SKIDOS Launches Rekindle Minds for Young Kids

The new play-learning module helps educators and parents to nurture emotional and social skills among children aged 4+ with interactive videos and games

SKIDOS, the award-winning platform of popular learning games for children, has announced the launch of its latest gem – Rekindle Minds, a pathbreaking interactive module that helps children navigate the social-emotional challenges of modern living. Based on guidelines by CASEL, this addition makes SKIDOS universe a complete play-learning solution for early childhood.




New Emotional Wellbeing Module – SKIDOS REKINDLE MINDS

SKIDOS the learning apps platform for kids has launched a new emotional wellbeing module titled SKIDOS Rekindle Minds. It features videos, stories, and lessons designed to help children learn social emotional skills.

Unfortunately, conventional schooling methods pay little attention to the development of these vital skills among young children. As a result, educators and parents across the world now report alarming levels of emotional distress among children, with problems like low grades in school, minimal social interaction etc. leading to temper tantrums and high anxiety. Underdeveloped social-emotional skills can further snowball into bad academic performance, lack of healthy friendships, or lower career prospects later in life.

SKIDOS Rekindle Minds takes kids on a self-learning journey. For curious minds aged 4 years and older, it is a guided fun-filled adventure towards understanding their emotions. The module aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of kids and raise them as confident and happy lifelong learners.

Designed as an exciting game, Rekindle Minds smartly introduces bite-sized lessons on key life skills at each level. This makes it uniquely child-centered and effective in its mission to improve their social and emotional skills.

Rekindle Minds adventures centers on 5 enchanting play-worlds, each named after core competencies under CASEL guidelines- self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. With smart interactive videos, mini games, animations, each fun world keeps children engaged and eager to keep growing. Bonus features like Mood-checker and Progress Report further help students recognize their emotions and win rewards that can be used within the app.

Mr. Thomas Santo, an ex-principal with 20+ years of experience in early childhood education, elaborated on the need for social-emotional learning, “With good social emotional skills, children are more resilient and excel in school and later in their careers.” Addressing parents, he further stated, “Investing in your child’s Social Emotional Learning is an investment in their future.”

Working mom Yuliya said, “It is very important for my child to be equipped with both fundamental academic, and social emotional skills. These lessons will help my child achieve confidence, happiness, and contentment while exploring their way through personal and professional life. The interactive videos in SKIDOS Rekindle Minds are game-changers! Maria, my younger kid, absolutely loves the different worlds and especially the character Moyo.”

To try Rekindle Minds, download and start playing with SKIDOS’s latest game. The app is also available directly on the Apple or Google Play store.

To learn more about the new features and improvements, you can read the full press release here.


SKIDOS is an award-winning creator of kids learning games that has been fostering creativity, thinking, learning, and above all a joyful experience ever since its inception in 2015. It was founded by Aditya Prakash (a.k.a Adi) and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its vision is to change the way children learn, play, and imagine, becoming self-assured learners of tomorrow. Currently, SKIDOS offers unlimited access to 45+ educational apps for 2-11-year-olds. Games are available in 14 languages on iOS and Android.

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