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“Learning with games builds natural curiosity”- SKIDOS at Forbes

August 5, 2022: “If learning was more fun, our children would be more curious.” At the Startup Fridays Podcast by Forbes India, Aditya Prakash, the CEO and co-founder of SKIDOS, shared his inspiration behind the company. He remarked how his personal experiences with education made him realize a gap in the worldwide education system. Once designed to shape humans for the industrial revolution era, the educational systems worldwide have not been able to keep pace with the changing world. These conventional learning methods are no longer enough to develop 21st century skills in our children.



In the podcast, Prakash discusses the mission and inspiration behind building SKIDOS Labs. He found that natural curiosity in children can best be nurtured only through interactive, playful learning. This became the driving thought behind establishing SKIDOS- edufying games.  Since its inception in 2013, SKIDOS has come a long way in helping children learn while having fun. Today, it offers math and english education for children packaged within 40+ highly-engaging games that nurture their intelligence.


You can listen to the complete podcast here at the Forbes India website. The Startup Fridays podcast is hosted by Harichandan Arakali.