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Meet a new game from SKIDOS for 3-8-year-old kids – SKIDOS Fun Teeth. Learn about healthy foods, brush the teeth, fight bacteria engage in other fun activities.

FUN TEETH GAME – is a learning app for kids that focuses on dental health. In a fun & interactive way, the game encourages curiosity in kids towards a healthy lifestyle & proper dental care.

SKIDOS Fun Teeth Fun Teeth Fun Teeth Game


Enjoy & learn with Fun Teeth:

– Explore 10 fun & informative mini-games

– Learn about healthy food

– Fight the bacteria like a cowboy

– Brush the teeth – let them shine!

– Solve puzzles & math tasks

– Dress up a tooth

– Safe & ad-free game for your kids

While playing, kids also get to solve learning tasks according to their age – parents may choose either to learn simple math or to trace letters and numbers. In this way, kids get to improve both their life skills (such as logical thinking, technology literacy, etc.), as well as academic knowledge. A catalogue of educational videos is also available within the app.

A new game is already available on App Store and is included in SKIDOS Pass for SKIDOS subscribers (along with other 45+ games).