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SKIDOS Expands Its New Math Curriculum to Games on Android

After huge success on iOS, the expertly-designed math curriculum is now available across children’s games on Android devices

SKIDOS, an award-winning platform of learning games for kids, has announced the launch of its highly-anticipated, freshly-revamped math curriculum for its games on Android devices. Designed in joint collaboration with educators, designers, and engineers, the new math curriculum is completely aligned with US Common Core and UK National Curriculum standards. The curriculum has already received huge praise from parents and children alike since its launch on iOS platforms last month.



SKIDOS’ new math curriculum across its games will provide greater agency to children by giving them visual and voice feedback on their answers. The data-driven approach behind its design is aimed at making children more comfortable around math concepts and be independent learners. Instead of negative marking or penalties being imposed on wrong answers, the SKIDOS apps encourage positive learning styles to eliminate fear around the subject and reduce anxiety for children.

Like all 40+ SKIDOS games, the math curriculum will be added between levels of popular, child-friendly games to build connections between natural play and learning. Children will be able to learn and revise their math concepts even while enjoying these exciting games to the fullest.

Additionally, the parents will be able to track their child’s progress through customized learning performance reports delivered to their inbox twice a month.

Aditya Prakash, the CEO and founder of SKIDOS, commented on the inclusion, “We have always strived to raise curious and confident young learners through our gaming and learning content. Our ‘learning through play’ approach stands out with its aim to enhance quality screen time with quality learning. Since a large part of the world uses Android devices, it made natural sense to offer our new math curriculum to the billion plus android users around the world.”

Starting from September 27th, the brand-new math core curriculum will be seen on top-rated games like Superstore & Bakery in the Play store. In later phases, the curriculum will be rolled out across all 40+ games on Android devices. The children will find the new learning content to be more interactive and engaging with the addition of friendly SKIDOS mascots to the games.

Furthermore, in addition to the benefit of this curriculum, all SKIDOS users also get a child-safe and completely ad-free experience. A single subscription to SKIDOS Pass gives users the ability to create up to 6 profiles on multiple devices, and unlimited access to all 40+ games on the platform.


SKIDOS creates kids learning games that have been fostering creativity, learning, and above all a joyful experience ever since its inception in 2015. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its vision is to change the way children learn and imagine, becoming self-assured learners of tomorrow. Currently, SKIDOS offers unlimited access to 40+ educational apps for 2-11-year-olds. Games are available in 13 languages on iOS and Android.

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