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SKIDOS Introduces the SKIDOS Gang Along With a Brand New Math Curriculum for Kids Age 2-11 Years

Meet Neta, Moyo & Fiks – The SKIDOS gang – Designed & developed to be the learning friends of every child.

SKIDOS, a platform of learning games for kids, has introduced 3 new brand mascots – Neta – a friendly and adventurous red duck, Moyo – an artistic yellow owl and Fiks – a brainy and curious bluebird. Together they will be learning friends to support kids in their journey to develop 21st-century skills.



From now on, the SKIDOS Gang will be interacting with kids in all 45+ mobile games to help children get feedback and improve their learning abilities. Each member of the gang has a unique personality and strengths. With Neta, kids will never be bored. They will learn skills like taking initiative, curiosity, and positivity. With Fiks, kids will surf through math and logic tasks in the SKIDOS apps and bravely face all the learning challenges. And with Moyo, children will learn skills like focusing and self-awareness.

In addition, SKIDOS has introduced a brand new math curriculum for 2 to 11-year-olds kids. Developed with the help of teachers, designers, and engineers, the curriculum allows children to learn at their own pace by giving them voice & visual feedback at every step. SKIDOS has also updated its entire design inside all its apps to make it easier for kids to follow without needing help from parents.

Aditya Prakash, CEO & Founder, of SKIDOS, commented, “We have always believed that kids need regular and simple feedback to learn and grow. The SKIDOS gang have been conceptualized to be the learning buddies for kids, engaging with them and giving a helping hand when needed.”

Aditya added, “For the past year, teachers and designers have worked with us to create new learning experiences for kids that allows every child to learn math at their own pace. This new math curriculum has been tested with kids and parents and we are confident that parents will see their kids grow in confidence as they play with our games.”

The new curriculum introduced by SKIDOS allows kids to learn and solve math exercises while getting voice and visual feedback on their answers. This research-driven approach helps kids become confident in their own abilities and eliminates fear or anxiety toward math.


SKIDOS is an award-winning creator of kids learning games that has been fostering creativity, thinking, learning, and above all a joyful experience ever since its inception in 2015. It was founded by Aditya Prakash (a.k.a Adi) and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its vision is to change the way children learn, play, and imagine, becoming self-assured learners of tomorrow. Currently, SKIDOS offers unlimited access to 45+ educational apps for 2-11-year-olds. Games are available in 14 languages on iOS and Android.

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