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SKIDOS Unveils Game-Changing Update SKIDOS 7.6, Elevating Kids’ Learning Experience to New Heights

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With the introduction of  One-app feature, SKIDOS redefines convenience and accessibility. Young learners can dive into a diverse array of educational games with just one click,without the hassle of downloading multiple apps and ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted learning experience. Research has shown that reducing barriers to access can significantly increase engagement and participation in educational activities (Woolley et al., 2016), making the One-app feature a vital component in fostering continuous learning and exploration.

Realizing the need to introduce reading ability early into kids, SKIDOS introduces the new reading module I.R.I.S. (I Read, I Succeed). Developed with a vision to revolutionize literacy, I.R.I.S. takes children through an enchanting treasure hunt involving interactive maps, blending songs, videos, animations, tracing activities, stories, and quizzes, thereby creating an immersive learning adventure. 

Furthermore, SKIDOS reaffirms its commitment to nurturing holistic development with the introduction of Emotional Wellbeing Module, the latest learning module in SKIDOS apps. Grounded in the principles of CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning), this module guides children through an exploration of their emotions across five core islands, fostering self-awareness, social skills, and responsible decision-making. Research indicates that integrating social-emotional learning into educational platforms promotes emotional intelligence and resilience in children (Durlak et al., 2011), making Emotional Wellbeing an invaluable resource for fostering well-rounded individuals.

In addition, SKIDOS 7.6 enhances personalization and efficacy in developing numeracy skills amongst kids with its grade-specific math modules. By categorizing math learning content according to grade levels, SKIDOS ensures that young learners are exposed to math content tailored to their individual needs and skill levels. Studies have shown that personalized learning approaches lead to better academic outcomes and increased motivation among students (Pane et al., 2015), positioning SKIDOS as a leader in delivering personalized, effective math education for children.

Aditya Prakash, the CEO and Founder of SKIDOS commented, “We are on a mission to create confident learners and imbibe curiosity and creativity in them by making their screen time active learning time. SKIDOS 7.6 is till date the most definitive step in that direction”

To learn more about the new features and improvements, you can read the full press release here.


SKIDOS is dedicated to creating innovative educational solutions that inspire learning and foster academic success. With a collection of 50+ learning games built by a team of passionate educators and technologists, Team SKIDOS strives to make screen time into active learning time for kids and instill curiosity and creativity in them.

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