SKIDOS Snow Race 1st 2nd 3rd grade math games for kids

SKIDOS Snow Race  is one of the best 1st 2nd 3rd grade math games for kids to improve in number sense, learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry & so much more. The game includes math learning content for all the levels, including first, second & third grade. 

SKIDOS Snow Race Math Games for first, second, third grade kids will help them master mathematics skills. Enjoy an exciting snow race while solving fun learning math tasks.  

SKIDOS 1st 2nd 3rd Grade Math Games for Kids SNOW RACE  can help with:

🔢 Number sense 

➕ Addition

➖ Subtraction

✖️ Multiplication

➗ Division

🍕 Fractions

🔺 Decimals

⬛ Geometry

Snow Race 1st grade math game

First-grade math games will help kids improve in <b>number sense, learn addition, subtraction & other math operations</b>. Our math games for 1st grade interactively engage your kids to strengthen their math skills.

Snow Race math games for 2nd-grade kids

Second-grade math curriculum includes multiplication & division. With SKIDOS, these tasks are no longer boring! Race with awesome skiers & snowboarders, while mastering multiplication & division tasks. This math game for 2 grade turns complex tasks into a fun adventure!

Math games for 3rd grade kids

The learning content of third grade math games for kids is aligned with the third grade math curriculum standards. Let’s focus on <b>Fractions, Decimals, Geometry, 3-digit addition, subtraction</b> to help your kids master their math skills by our Snow Race math games for 3rd-grade.

Test & develop your 3rd grade math skills by playing games for kids to unlock new characters and power-ups! SKIDOS Snow Race will become your favorite learning game for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade kids. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd grade math games for kids features:

  • Collect 10+ free snowboarders & skiers
  • Do insane first, second, third math tricks
  • Learn challenging downhill trial tracks
  • Compete with snow racers & math players from around the world
  • Progress through multiple leagues, tasks, math to the top

Become the greatest extreme athlete ever!


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