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Color Friends - Help Your Color Friends Escape


Adaptive and Personalized Math and Tracing Practice across grades

Adaptive and Personalised Math Practice across grades

Challenging Endless runner to keep Children engaged

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In a faraway corner of the universe, in the depths of a dark planet, small colorful friends are kept as hostages. You are the only one who can help them to escape. Run and rescue as many friends as you can on a dangerous field filled with deadly traps. Get the heroes to the stargate, which teleports them into safety.

Main features:

Explore 7 fantastic episodes
Discover special contents
Play on 63 different maps with varying difficulty and length
Collect candies to unlock helpful or funny items
Upgrade friends with 4 different abilities
Find secret passages for extra rewards!
Get all the customization items for the heroes and unleash your imagination!
Dress up your heroes and show it off to your friends!

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