Race Cars
Join thousands of players worldwide in the most epic monster truck racing game ever!
Unlock extreme monster trucks, apply countless customization features and start your journey! Tune your skills and compete! Are you ready for some serious monster action? 🙂

• Collect and upgrade 14 free cars
• Choose from countless customization features
• Progress through multiple leagues to the top
•Compete in single and multiplayer modes

Why Subscribe to  Race cars Game?

  •  Get access to 28+ Skidos fun learning games
  • The complete mathematics & coding fundamentals from basic to advanced level
  • Practice Math with adventurous levels, challenging tracks, unlocking monster trucks, exploding bombs and stormy wind zones.
  • Track how your child is improving her math accuracy
  • Identify the strong & weak areas of your child so that you can give them a hand
  • See your child’s progress in math and the impact on their grades in school
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