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Doctor Games for Kids – Help your friends get better


Fun role playing game - pretend to be a doctor

Various scenarios: cure the flu, treat the ears, take care of teeth, etc.

Multiple characters to play with

Tracing letters & numbers tasks for preschoolers

Catalogue of educational videos

Multi-language support

No Advertising

Weekly progress reports for parents

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The SKIDOS Doctor game for kids is a fun doctor game for kids that introduces them to preschool math. This game involves 3 cute characters who toddlers will love to play with & take care of.

The Doctor games for kids has 5 scenes:

✔ Treat the flu
✔ Cure ears
✔ Take care of teeth
✔ Get an X-ray
✔ Clean the wounds

Doctor games for kids let your baby doctor perform various medical procedures & treat illnesses. They can pretend to be an ear doctor, a dentist, or even a surgeon.

💊 Cure the cold
Doctor game for kids is a preschool learning game for 3,4,5-year-old boys & girls. Baby doctors can learn when & how to detect cold & use a thermometer. Fun learning games are an excellent way to make preschool kids familiar with medical kits.

Doctor games for toddlers

🦷 Fix your friends’ teeth

Is your baby doctor afraid of dentists? Dentist games for kids help remove their fear of going to the dentist. They also learn to brush their teeth regularly to avoid germs & cavities. Let them learn dental hygiene with this dentist game for kids.

🏥 Get an X-ray – Doctor games to play online

Baby doctors get to perform X-rays & fix bones like in a real hospital. In this surgery game for kids, integrated puzzles are fun & interesting to solve & challenge the left & right parts of the brain. Preschool kids pick up fine motor skills at a very young age with such fun learning games.

Online doctor games for kids free

🧑🏻‍⚕️ Take care of ears

Doctor games for kids also involve taking care of ear hygiene such as cleaning & using ear drops. Doctor games for girls & boys let your baby doctor take care of the ears of their cute patients, familiarizing them with ear health.

💢 Treat the wounds

This hospital game for 3,4,5-year-old kids involves activities where they learn how to take care of wounds & apply plasters & disinfectants. Baby doctors learn to take care of their friends & be helpful in need.

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🔢 Learn numbers & learn to count

Let your baby doctors learn numbers as they come across integrated learning content designed for preschoolers to learn numbers & simple math. They get introduced to shapes, numbers & counting in this hospital game for kids.

🧒 Fun preschool learning games

Fun learning games tasks such as simple math & logic building are a part of the journey your kids go on with SKIDOS Doctor Game for kids.

About SKIDOS & fun learning games for kids

SKIDOS Kids Doctor game is one of the many SKIDOS fun learning games for kids.
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SKIDOS apps are designed first as super fun games that children already LOVE playing. Then, we integrate the interactive learning content into them & turn them into fun learning games for toddlers, preschoolers & school kids. That’s why kids love our games.

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