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Fuel My Party - Math Games for Kidergarten


Adaptive and Personalized Math and Tracing Practice across grades

Dashboard to track child’s progress and identify strengths and weaknesses

Global Learning Standards

Intelligent Algorithm to help the child learn at her own pace.

Multi-language support

New Arcade style gameplay

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In Fuel My Party cool math games for kindergarten your kids improve their math and reading skills.

It’s Red’s birthday but none of his oil-hungry friends showed up! There’s only one solution — hunt for oil and answer SKIDOS questions! Are you ready to build the biggest, most amazing beach party the world has ever seen? Fly your oil-guzzling balloon, drink and collect oil answering SKIDOS questions, bring it back to the party and serve your thirsty friends!
The more of the tasty dark stuff you get, the more guests will come! Everyone loves free drinks after all! With a refreshingly new gameplay, it’s simple to pick up but difficult to master. Can you build an epic beach party and keep your oil monsters feeding?

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