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Play House


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Play House is a cute game with an imaginary world for kids to enjoy with animated friends. It’s for both preschool and primary school kids. With a beautiful digital playground, it allows kids to express their creative ideas freely. There are four adorable animals inviting kids to discover their cozy house with lots of amusing activities & fun details. It gives kids a virtual social experience while helping them to practice important math skills in a stress-free way.

In this game, kids can:

  • Learn about the concept of time
  • Have a tea or milkshake party
  • Choose from different food & color options
  • Get creative- dance or play guitar
  • Decorate a dream house
  • Take care of their friends’ bath routine
  • Dress up little friends in different cloth options
  • Read a night time story & help them go to bed
  • Learn about different math concepts

Why are online games with animated characters popular with kids?

Most kids love to play games with animated characters, so they are more popular. Kids often tend to associate with these characters or even act like their favorite ones. There is also a sense of social belonging or friendly interaction they find comfort in. Role-play games or ones involving dressing-up/playing house with cute characters instantly catch kids’ eye. They are likely to retain kids’ interest and when coupled with learning, it’s a great value add. Kids can learn about new things, good habits & practice academic exercises. SKIDOS games follow the same viewpoint to make learning smarter and playful in a way that resonates with kids.

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