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Rabbit Rescue - Help Mama Rabbit Rescue The Bunny


Adaptive and Personalized Math and Tracing Practice across grades

Adaptive and Personalised Math Practice across grades

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Rabbit Rescue – Bubble Shooter is one of the very quirky yet smart bunny math games for kids. It revolves around a rabbit as the name goes, which is a cute animal and favorite of most kids. We leverage the kids’ interest and channel their mental energy into swiftly getting a hang of basic math topics.

Kids help rabbit mama to save her babies in the game. It offers them 100+ levels of fun and addictive bubble shooter game plays. For each level, the kids will get a limited number of bubbles to shoot, after solving their exercises of course and they have to use them wisely.

Main Features:

  • 100+ unique challenges to stimulate young kids
  • Making use of power-ups and boosters to win; improves healthy competition drive
  • Adorable kid-friendly graphics of cute rabbits
  • Play in a cool world map, adding to knowledge of countries
  • A game for all age groups with customized content as per the selected level

How to make math fun for kids with cool math games?

As math can be a tough subject for most kids at different stages of their academic life, introducing some cool math games can make learning simple and fun for kids. Introducing different concepts with online cool math games for kids, like these bunny math games, can be a very helpful way to make young ones upgrade their math skills easily so their basics are strong.

There are many character games now available online as per kids’ age and interests to attract them to learn in a natural way, such as the bunny math games and more. Such games lure the kids to solve math problems in a relatively simple looking way while they are relaxed at play. No pressure to cramp up formulas and just focusing on understanding the concepts is what activities like bunny math games achieve for kids.

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