Shape Sorter Matching Puzzle Game

Learn colors, animals, alphabet & shapes with Matching Puzzles for Kids! Fun Toddler Learning Games!

Teach shapes, animals, colors, alphabet to your toddlers in a fun way!

With SKIDOS Shape Sorter, learning new shapes is child’s play & we’re not even kidding! Kids get to practice memorizing shapes by playing with different box puzzles. Shape Sorter lets kids to:

  • Learn & Play
  • Know about Shapes
  • Learn the Alphabet
  • Play different game modes
  • Indulge in beautiful animations & sound
  • Learn Animal Sounds as they play!

Get Shape Sorter today & introduce your kids to the wide variety of SKIDOS learning games!

Shape Sorter Matching Puzzle Game for Kids is one of the best SKIDOS toddler learning games! These matching shapes puzzles for toddlers allows 2-4 years old to play & learn with loads of fun, colors & shapes.

Play with cute animals, colors & shapes to develop focus and problem-solving skills.💡

With Shape Sorter, fun toddler shapes matching puzzles games your toddlers will:

✔️ Learn your first numbers and letters
✔️ Familiarize yourself with basic colors & shapes like circles, triangles & squares
✔️ Tap the different colors & shapes to hear cute sounds
✔️ Celebrate completed puzzles with a song

Shape Sorter Matching Alphabet, Colors, Animals puzzles games for toddlers provide your toddler the opportunity to learn colors & shapes while have fun! 😊

Like in all other SKIDOS toddler learning games, your child will get fun educational tasks that will help them learn math, colors & shapes.

With this Toddler Puzzles Matching Shapes Game – SKIDOS Matching Puzzle Colors Games for kids – you are getting a SKIDOS Pass to access this & 40+ other puzzles for kids & learning games for preschoolers, toddlers & older children (from 2 till 12 year old girls & boys).

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Why you should download SKIDOS Shapes Matching Puzzles games for toddlers?

SKIDOS’s interactive learning games are designed for 2 – 11-year-olds & are aligned with their academic objectives. With our educational games, guide your children to become confident learners in math, coding, & reading. Introduce them to 21st-century skills that will help them prepare for a brighter future. With easy-to-access weekly reports, you can keep an eye on their progress, too. 

With 1 game – Shape Sorter you will get SKIDOS Pass, and the best value of:

  • 48+ Learning games 
  • 1000+ fun activities for your kids
  • 6 players in 1 account
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  • Learning Progress Tracking
  • And no third-party advertising

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