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Shopping Mall Games for Kids


Numerous fun experiences: play music in a band, restyle hair, go shopping, do sports, etc.

Open-ended role-playing activities

Amazing graphics & audio

Learning through play: learning tasks within the game suitable for the child's level

No ads & additional in-apps

Educative videos in the app

Suitable for age 3+

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With SKIDOS games, you get features like:

  • Access to 40+ safe & ad-free games for 2-11-year-olds
  • Learn simple math & reading through fun games
  • Customized exercises as per your child’s age & interests
  • New games added every month
  • Up to 6 users allowed with one account
  • Weekly reports for your kid’s progress
  • Expert tips on parenting & 21st century skills
  • Global learning standards
  • Intelligent algorithm to help the child learn at their own pace
  • Multi-language support


This is a cute and entertaining role-playing game for toddlers and young kids. You can play around with different things and perform various activities through this shopping mall game. Role play as a visitor or little helper to your friends. It’s a unique way to experience shopping at the mall, choosing clothes and new hairstyles, eating out & reinventing 34+ little friends. With an interactive learning approach, the game offers plenty of combinations to toy around with.

The app has 8 different scenes:

  • Play 10+ musical instruments
  • Fix the car
  • Restyle your hair
  • Pick out new clothes
  • Go for ice cream or pizza
  • Explore the restaurant
  • Go for food shopping
  • Take your characters for a photoshoot

Why choose shopping mall games for your kids?

Parents often struggle to keep up with kids during their mall visits and are left exhausted instead of delighted. It holds true for both toddlers as well as young kids around 7-8-year-old. What if there was an easy solution at just a click away. Online learning games centered around the concept of shopping malls can be a great idea to educate the kids. It involves steps like looking for particular shops, trying out new clothes, taking a basket, getting the right things from specific sections and eating out in a cafe or ice cream shop etc. It can be really interesting for kids to learn what all they can enjoy on one of their mall visits, experiencing it through the adorable game characters in the picturesque shopping mall games. SKIDOS has brought a bunch of engaging role-playing games for children of ages 2-11-year-old to let them live through new things in a playful manner.

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