Shopping Mall is a role-playing game, a toy, & a little helper. It’s a fun way to experience Shopping at the Mall & reinvent 34+ cute, little friends. We have made every item interactional, so the combinations are endless for learning.

The app has 8 different scenes:

  • play 10+ instruments
  • fix the car
  • restyle your hair
  • pick out clothes
  • go for ice cream or pizza
  • explore the restaurant
  • go food shopping
  • take your characters for a photoshoot

Why Subscribe to Shopping Mall Toddler Games: 2,3,4 Year Olds?

  •  Get access to 31+ SKIDOS fun learning games
  • The complete mathematics & coding fundamentals from basic to advanced level
  • Practice Math with fun activities
  • Track how your child is improving her math accuracy
  • Identify the strong & weak areas of your child so that you can give them a hand
  • See your child’s progress in math and the impact on their grades in school


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