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math games for toddlers

Games For Toddlers

Game Features

Wash your car and make it sparkle

Choose from 10+ vehicles like sports cars, trucks, and more

Tune your car at the service station

Take your favorite car for a spin in beautiful cities

Solve fun number and letter-tracing activities

Practice math concepts with exciting puzzles

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SKIDOS Apps features:

    • Safe and ad-free for kids aged 3+ years
    • 40+ learning games
    • 1000+ teacher-designed learning activities
    • Create up to 6 profiles for all your kids 
    • Explore Math or Tracing with On-Demand learning 
    • Avoid study-stress with timely breathe and stretch exercises inside
    • Track your kids’ Learning progress with Advanced Reports
    • 20+ inclusive avatars let kids express themselves freely


Game Description

Car Wash is here to take your little ones on an adventure ride they’ll never forget! They can choose from over 10 different vehicles, including speedy sports cars, tough trucks, and more! First, give their chosen ride a bubbly bath in the car wash. Once it’s squeaky clean, head to the service station for a complete tune-up. Now, take the car for a spin and see where the journey takes you. Get ready to rev your engines and race into endless hours of fun with this game!

Why your Preschooler Needs Learning Games?

We want to help your little ones learn and grow. We understand that preschool is a super important time for kids, and we want to make sure they have the best learning tools possible. That’s why we’ve created SKIDOS – the ultimate fun learning experience for preschoolers! Our games are designed to be fun, engaging, and age-appropriate. With cute characters, colorful animations, and happy sounds, your little ones will have a blast while they learn the basics like colors, letters, and numbers. And the best part? They can do it all on their own, which means they’ll be feeling super independent and proud of themselves in no time. Our team of experts have carefully crafted each game to be the perfect balance of fun and learning. Get a SKIDOS Pass, download our fun learning games today, and watch your little ones thrive!

Why Subscribe to Car Wash Learning Game from SKIDOS for Kids?

It’s perfect for all the little car enthusiasts out there who love to play and explore. So, hop in the driver’s seat, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride!

  • Teaches 21st-century skills like Responsibility, Collaboration, and more
  • Covers basic to advanced level math fundamentals 
  • Track your kids’ academic progress with advanced learning reports
  • Discovers your kids’ strong areas and helps them strengthen their weak areas
  • Helps in improving your kids’ grades at school
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