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SKIDOS Funny Teeth - Online games for kids


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A smart, adorable game for your little ones, Funny teeth teaches them the importance of dental care practices along with key math skills in a fun way. With funny game characters, kids will learn how to clean their teeth, and how to choose healthy food options instead of junk food that can deteriorate their dental health. This is one of the great online games for kids, in both preschool and primary school age groups. Kids are driven towards a healthier lifestyle while getting a chance to solve simple math & logical thinking tasks.

With Funny Teeth, kids get to:

  • Play 10 fun & informative mini online games for kids
  • Learn about healthy vs unhealthy food
  • Practice color matching
  • Train their memory with easy activities in the game
  • Understand dental care by fighting the bacteria like a cowboy
  • Solve engaging puzzles & math tasks
  • Dress up a tooth for fun

Can online games help promote good habits in kids?

There are a number of meaningful educational games available online that are fun to play. They can come in real handy to teach kids good habits alongside interesting academic exercises organically. Parents and teachers should encourage such different methods of learning for kids to be more focused instead of being bored with regular classes. SKIDOS games are a perfect mix of fun and learning for kids to enjoy a healthy screen time that parents will also love.

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