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SKIDOS Hospital-
Games for Toddlers


4 hospital floors packed with tons of medical equipment and machines

Use lab to measure blood pressure, perform X-rays, and much more!

Become a doctor or nurse and help patients

Ambulance will regularly deliver new patients

Get help from multifunctional companion bot

Explore in-game learning with 1000+ learning activities

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SKIDOS Apps features:

  • Safe and ad-free for kids aged 3+ years
  • Get full access to 40+ learning games
  • 1000+ teacher-designed learning activities
  • Create upto 6 profiles for all your kids 
  • Explore Math or Tracing with On-Demand learning 
  • Revise math lessons with engaging bite-sized Learning Tutorials
  • Reduces anxiety with timely breathing and stretching exercises inside
  • Track your kids’ learning progress with Advanced Reports
  • 20+ inclusive avatars let kids express themselves freely
  • Account Deletion feature gives your more control over your account

Game Description


Welcome to SKIDOS HOSPITAL, where adventure knocks at every door! Get ready to be a doctor, patient, or explorer! With four floors of fun-filled action, the excitement never ends! Join a lively crew of characters as they work their magic in this bustling hospital. Meet emergency heroes, dive into thrilling patient scenarios, and perform incredible full-body scans. Cardio checks and lab tests? You’ve got it! When it’s time to chill, head to the cafeteria for a taste of hospital life. Learning and fun unite in SKIDOS HOSPITAL, where the journey to becoming a medical master begins! So, grab your lab coat and let the excitement unfold!

Why your Preschooler Needs Learning Games? 

Discover the wonders of learning with SKIDOS! Our learning games are designed to captivate and educate your little learners. With delightful characters, lively animations, and engaging sounds, learning becomes an exciting adventure they’ll love. They can independently navigate through our games, fostering their freedom and independence. Our expert team has struck the perfect balance between learning and fun, helping your kids explore colors, letters, and numbers with pure joy. They’ll be growing and learning effortlessly, without even realizing it! Unlock the enchanting world  with a SKIDOS Pass. Download our incredible learning games today and witness your little ones thrive like never before. It’s time for a thrilling learning journey with SKIDOS!

Why Subscribe to SKIDOS Hospital Learning Game for Kids?

Say goodbye to fear and hello to fun at SKIDOS Hospital! We’re here to help kids overcome their hospital jitters and create amazing memories that’ll make their next visit a breeze. No more tantrums for parents to handle! Our game is packed with excitement and adventure, making hospital visits a blast. From vaccinations to check-ups, your little ones will conquer their fears and leave with smiles. So, let’s laugh, learn, and make hospitals a place of joy together!
  • Teaches 21st-century skills like Responsibility, Collaboration, and more
  • Practice Math and English concepts with exciting puzzles and tracing activities
  • Track your kids’ academic progress with advanced learning reports
  • Discovers your kids’ strengths 
  • Helps in improving your kids’ grades in school 


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