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SKIDOS Hospital Lab-
Games for Toddlers


Run tests in flu lab and cure patients with viral infections

Ride the helicopter ambulance and bring patients to the lab

Become a scientist and experiment with bacteria in the science lab

Meet 7 cool robots and assist the friendly medical staff

Practice math and learn about hygiene

Explore 1000+ teacher-designed learning activities

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SKIDOS Apps features:

  • Safe and ad-free for kids aged 3+ years
  • Get full access to 40+ learning games
  • 1000+ teacher-designed learning activities
  • Create upto 6 profiles for all your kids 
  • Explore Math or Tracing with On-Demand learning 
  • Revise math lessons with engaging bite-sized Learning Tutorials
  • Reduces anxiety with timely breathing and stretching exercises inside
  • Track your kids’ learning progress with Advanced Reports
  • 20+ inclusive avatars let kids express themselves freely

Game Description

Welcome to SKIDOS Hospital Lab, are you ready for a fun-learning medical adventure? Get ready to be a doctor, patient or scientist! Explore the coolest science lab where you can run experiments with bacteria. It’s time to assist medical staff in saving lives from a deadly infection. Fight viruses, learn about hygiene and become emergency heroes. In this educational game, learning and fun come together as one! The journey of becoming a medical master begins along with adding some math skills during game play.  So, grab your lab coat and let the excitement unfold!

Why your Preschooler Needs Learning Games? 

SKIDOS Learning games are the ultimate getaway to your children’s fun-learning journey! They will not only learn basic math and english concepts but also build 21st century skills needed to survive in this ever-changing world! With cute and interactive animations, delightful sounds and lively characters, their learning journey will become enjoyable. Our expert team believes in the holistic development of children hence they have curated learning content that has the perfect balance of learning and adventure. Your children can explore shapes, colors, numbers and much more with our interactive learning games. Grab the SKIDOS Pass now and let your children experience the world of 40+ ad-free and safe learning games. Let the thrilling fun learning adventure begin!

Why Subscribe to SKIDOS Hospital Lab Learning Game for Kids?

Say hello to ultimate fun with SKIDOS Hospital Lab! We’re here to help your children overcome their doctor fears and teach all about labs, doctors and much more. From virus infections to experimenting with bacteria, your children will explore the medical world in a fun way! Let your children develop an early interest in science and also learn good hygiene! 
  • Teaches 21st-century skills like Responsibility, Collaboration, and more
  • Practice Math and English concepts with exciting puzzles and tracing activities
  • Track your kids’ learning progress with advanced reports
  • Highlights your children’s strengths 
  • Helps in improving your children’s academic performance 

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