ANIMAL GAMES: FOR KIDS – Learn the clock, shapes and explore a fun and cute world where the seasons adapt and change.

Let your child discover an amusing world around: explore nature with cute animals, watch how the seasons change & how day turns into night, & learn your first numbers.

The SKIDOS Animal Game is a fun learning app for the smallest kids. 12 mini-games will help your child discover an amusing world around us – play with cute animals, explore the woods, watch how the seasons change and how days turn into nights.
Like in all the SKIDOS educational games, your toddler will also learn numbers, counting & solve logical thinking tasks whilst playing.
With SKIDOS Animal game, your child can engage in such activities:
• Explore the woods with cute animals – pony, caterpillar, fox
• Feed your new friends
• Find out how to tell time with a magical Bear Clock
• Learn numbers, solve simple counting & logical thinking tasks
• Experience different seasons of the year
• Solve puzzles
• Arrange stars in constellations in the night sky
• Water your plants and see how fruit grow on trees
• Drive a cool truck with a fox

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