Let your child experience the joy of being a little doctor. Take care of sick patients, treat colds & flu, clean teeth, fix bones and see them reward you with a smile.

SKIDOS Doctor is a fun role-playing game that will let your child play a doctor and treat patients. Your child can try out different medical tools and help 3 cute characters to get healthy again. Whether they have a running nose, a hurting ear, a broken bone or toothache – we can easily cure them.

The Game has 5 scenes:
• Treat the flu
• Cure ears
• Take care of teeth
• Get an X-ray
• Clean the wounds

SKIDOS Doctor game is a great way to teach kids how and when to use a thermometer, nose drops & ear drops, plasters & disinfectants, how to brush teeth & much more.Apart from this, SKIDOS educational games let your child learn counting & coding whilst playing.SKIDOS Doctor game features:
– Learn how to treat common diseases
– Get familiar with doctor tools and medicine
– Play with 3 cute characters
– Learn numbers, counting & coding

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